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Chavutti Thirummal

Chavutti Thirumal can be defined as foot pressure according to the Malayalam language and is called as Foot/Rope massage. This traditional Indian massage dates back to 2000 years however this technique was promoted by the Kalari Martial Artists belonging to Kerala India (i.e. Kalaripayattu). This technique referred to as Kalaripayattu developed various healing modalities range called as Kalari Chikitsa. It includes massage techniques such as Chavutti Thirumal and Marma Massage (Uzhichil).

 Chavutti Thirumal is found to be different from various massage modalities, people consider it unique as the feet are being treated in this act. The practitioners execute this technique in a way that long and sweeping therapeutic motions are being provided from the fingers to the toes of the patient.

Basically, Chavutti Thirumal increases flexibility in such a way that the position of treated person on the floor is found and the therapist holds on to a rope to provide support in an immense manner. If the position of the recipient is correct then massage helps in improving the strength of postural muscles, hips as well as thoracic area get opened and the activation of energetic channels takes place.

People find Chavutti Thirumal to be a unique kind of treatment. There is a full body oil massage which differs from various other types of massage in such a way that the practitioner has to use his feet for the treatment of the major parts. There are strokes given and these long flowing strokes help in overcoming the knots and kinks in the muscular system which offers deep relaxing body and encourages calmness.

Use of feet over hands is advantageous as just one deep, powerful stroke helps the entire body of the recipient get massaged, from the tips to the toes. Chavutti Thirumal has become a common practice among the Indians, Americans, Australians and people belonging to the countries like UK, France and Spain. People prefer to get this massage as it sorts out various problems by simply stretching as well as realigning the spine. The graceful strokes make one feel taller, invigorated and create space between various previously compacted vertebrae offering relaxation to the recipient’s body.

Chavutti Thirumal Benefits

There are a number of reasons that people prefer Chavutti Thirumal. Some of them being alleviation of muscular pain, fluid retention, getting rid of back tension, deep seated tension, muscle spasm, overcoming stiffness in joints, mental stress etc. if there are any restricted movements which might have been caused due to too much or too little exercise, then this therapy helps. There is an enhancement in the energy flow as well as the blood circulation. There is an improvement in the flexibility, suppleness, bad posture etc .it takes away the troublesome emotions overcomes psychological blocks. There is an assistance provided to the body for initiating its very own detoxification process. Healing process is encouraged and the breathing pattern is deepened which results in relieving asthma. The mental as well as physical aspects of the body get linked by application of this therapy.

Who can Chavutti Thirumal Help?

Chavutti Thirumal is helpful for the people coming from the fields of Sports, dancers, performers and martial arts practitioners for whom keeping the body supple becomes indispensable.

There are people who are occupied because of their business and find little or no time for exercise, however the energy levels are required to be maintained to stay focused.

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