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The state of Kerala is famous for its elite Ayurvedic Massage all over the world. The techniques involved in Kerala massage are very inimitable and the focus is on some particular pressure points that are also very distinctive. The techniques of the massage involve traditional caresses and strokes.Tapping, kneading, rubbing and squeezing are done in a particular conventional manner that is very effective and helpful in releasing the toxins from the body. It is also known as the Ayurvedic Massage because of the use of Aurveda herbs and therapies during this massage. The main emphasis during Ayurvedic Massage is on removal of toxins from the body and rejuvenating the body by relaxing and strengthening the muscles. Use of hands, feet, elbows, forearms as well as oiled balls is done while giving an Ayurvedic Massage.

Ayurvedic massage is given on mats or sometimes on mattresses, avoiding the use of cushions and spa tables. It is also given in a sitting position. In Kerala Massage, the main focus is on the individual aura of each and every person’s body. This aura is termed as Dosha. The massage helps to make a balance of the individual’s Dosha. It not only balances the body but also helps in balancing the mind. The selection of oils and herbs done before the massage is done according to its compatibility to the person’s aura. The vatsa Dosha is usually balnced by the oil. The oils selected during the massage also include their exclusive digestives. Secondly the emphasis is on the Marma Points, during the massage. These are the pressure points as per acupuncture and reflexology.

Physiological Benefits of Massage

Physiology comprise of the entire organic process of the human body including all the levels from cellular, tissue to the organ system level. Basically the massage plays an important role in healthy improvement of the organ systems.

Other Benefits of Massage

The Muscular System

As massage has a positive impact on human physiology, it helps in improving the muscular system in a number of ways. The muscles are toned and relaxed by this massage. The discomfort and stiffness of the muscles of relieved.  There is a reduction in scar tissue and muscle flexibility is increased. The massage is very effective in breaking down and preventing the muscular knots or adhesions.Fatigue and injury can be recovered speedily as an impact of this massage. The freedom of movement is enhanced, increasing the physical confidence. The flow of nutrients from muscles to joints is accelerated.It is also very helpful in getting rid from muscular spams and cramps and also relieves pain as well as swelling of the muscles.

The Skeletal System

The skeletal system also gets various benefits from the Ayurvedic massage as it helps in getting a relief from stiff joints and in attaining an improved posture as well as body alignment. The circulation as well as the nutrition of the joints is accelerated that is very helpful in increasing joint movement and getting rid of joint strain.

The Integumentary System

Most of the people go for the Ayurvedic Massage as it has a very positive and wonderful impact on the Integumentary system. The tissues during this massage are regenerated and the dead cells from the skin are removed resulting in a fine skin tone. The functions of the glands are normalized. It is also very helpful in regenerating burns, wrinkles and wounds. The elasticity of the skin is improved and the blood flow is stimulated and the skin gets complete nourishment.

The Circulatory System

The blood flow from tissues to organ is accelerated and this helps in getting rid of the muscular pains as well as joint pain.  The supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the body is improved. This helps in easing the body congestion. The metabolic waste is eliminated and the heart rate is also reduced which helps in developing a stronger heart.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is benefitted by the Ayurvedic massage because the techniquesused during the massage purifies the bodyfrom wastes and the toxic substances. The immune system is improved and the lactic acid is removed from sore or fatigue muscles. The retention of the Sulfur and Nitrogen Phosphorus is increased that helps in bone repair. Kidney acts faster to remove wastes and one can get speedy recovery from many diseases.

The Respiratory System

The impact of the Ayurvedic Massage on the respiratory system is that it helps in developing the respiratory muscles and the breathing becomes easier and deeper.

The Nervous System

The benefits of the ayurvedic massage for the Nervous system are that it helps relieving the pinched nerves and helps in boosting up the energy levels by stimulating the nervous system. The nervous system becomes calm and relaxed and one can also get rid from the chronic pain.

The Endocrine System

This system gets benefitted as the restful sleeping pattern is induced and the hormone system is balanced that can help the body to develop its own immune system.

The Digestive System

The main benefit of the massage is it helps in getting relief from the digestive system.  The waste material is eliminated and the activities of kidneys and liver are stimulated.

The Urinary System

The massage is very effective in removal of the metabolic waste and other toxic debris from the body.

The Reproductive System

One can get relief from the depression and anxiety of the PMS. The excess fluid retention is reduced and body gets prepared for birthing process.


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