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Khir Bhawani Festival

Jammu & Kashmir is known as the heaven on the earth. The pictorial valley is studded with exotic flowerbeds and alluring glaciers displays a homogenous culture. In the valley, with the presence of a huge number of Muslims and Hindus, the fairs and fiestas in Jammu & Kashmir are different in spirit, colour and their environment. The festival of Khir Bhawani in Srinagar is a chief Hindu fiesta organized at the Temple of Khir Bhawani. This temple is devoted to deity Ragnya Devi and is situated in the Tulla Mulla village, at a distance of nearly 27 kms away from Srinagar. The temple was initially constructed by ancient Kashmir's ruler Maharaja Pratap Singh in the year 1912 and afterward refurbished by Maharaja Hari Singh.


Kashmir valley offers tourists’ a chance to visit the sacred temple of the deity Ragnya Devi. This shrine destination is positioned in the Tulla Mulla village. This temple is commonly called as the temple of Khir Bhawani. Followers practice fast and assemble here on the 8th day of May in the full moon. According to general belief the deity transforms the color of the waters of spring. The temple compound is called Khir Bhawani as thousands of followers offer Khir which is an Indian desert and also milk to the holy spring, which turns black in a magical manner as a warning of imminent disaster. Devotees who have belief in the godly powers of the deity usually come to this shrine.

Tours and travels to the temple of Khir Bhawani in the annual festival is the most exhilarating experience. The fiesta of the Khir Bhawani shrine is extremely eminent and followers gather from far-off places to take part in the adoration of the deity Ragnya Devi. This fiesta ends with a splendid Maha Yagya. It is a tradition amongst the pundits of Kashmir to visit the Khir Bhawani temple on the Navratra’s nine days. The 10th day of the fiesta is rejoiced as Vijaya Dashami.

Kashmir valley offers tourists with appropriate information regarding tours and travels to visit the temple of Khir Bhawani in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Followers also assemble on every Ashtami of Shukla Paksh around the year & arrange HAWANS to gratify the deity. The ancient Khir Bhawani temple was established by the Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1912 AD & afterwards it was refurbished by the Maharaja Hari Singh. Encircled by streams, the temple compound is surrounded by Chinar within which there is a hexagonal spring in which idol of deity Ragyna is ornamented in a small temple made of marble.

According to mythology, Lord Rama idolized Goddess Ragnya during his banish and wished Hanuman ji to move the seat of the deity to another place after his exile period finishes, who moved it to Shadipora and afterwards shifted to the recent site according to the desire of the deity Ragnya Devi who conveyed in vision to one of the Pundits called Rugnath Gadroo.


The Khir Bhawani festival is celebrated in the famous Temple of Khir Bhawani which is situated in the Tulla Mulla village at a distance of nearly 27 kms away from Srinagar, Jammu &Kashmir.

Time of Festival

The festival is held on the 'Jyeshtha Ashtami' which is the birth anniversary of the deity Khir Bhawani. This festival falls mainly on May or June.

Point to Remember

The festival of Khir Bhawani is celebrated during the summer season, especially on May or June. During this time there is a very pleasant weather in the Kashmir valley. So, it is better to make planning for your trip in advance by checking the dates of the fiesta closer to the estimated time, in between May to June.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees for this festival. It is open for all the people from all religions and communities.

Effects on Tourism

This Khir Bhawani festival has helped a lot in increasing tourism in the Valley. People from all parts of India come here and loves to participate in the annual festival. They get amused by the things which happen during this festival such as the magical change of the spring’s colour which is beyond explanation. These things attracts tourist to visit here again & again.

How to Reach

The city with striking gardens, serene lakes and the incredible Himalayas, Srinagar is a land of superb exquisiteness. Srinagar proffers the opportunity for taking pleasure in the nature and enjoying adventures.

By Air

Srinagar has its own airport. Several private and public airlines provide regular service in this domestic airport and this airport is well connected with all the major cities in India. Cabs and Taxis are available outside the airport to reach the village of Tulla Mulla.

By Road

By road Tulla Mulla village can be easily reached from Srinagar. An widespread network of road covers Srinagar and is well connected to the important cities in Jammu and Kashmir and North India which are namely: Chandigarh (630 km), Delhi (876 km), Jammu (290 km), Leh (434 km), Gulmarg (48 km), Sonmarg (88 km) and Pahalgam (96 km).

By Rail

The closest railway station from Srinagar is Jammu. It is well linked with all the major cities of India. Cabs and Taxis are available outside the railway station to reach the village of Tulla Mulla.

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