Purmandal Mela

In Jammu the Purmandal Mela is rejoiced over the marriage of the Lord Shiva with deity Parvati, the dearest daughter of the ruler of Himalayas who agreed for his daughter’s wedding with Lord Shiva after many hesitations. So, the Purmandal Mela here at Jammu is an amazing event held all the years at Kashmir with incredible zeal and eagerness. 

This 3 days long celebration proceeds and as in Hindu marriage, three days are necessary for the couple to be entirely tied in matrimonial bonds, so the fair also continues for 3 days.

Jammu is a ground of temples and the peaceful backdrop memorializes the brilliance of the best Artist’s brush that has painted such a lovely portrait in the canvas. Here environment speaks in the form of waving water flowing downward the valley, the dawn and dusk over the deep Blue Mountains and also the exceptional dazzle of the sunset light over the snow-white peaks. The stunning Purmandal Mela which is in Jammu includes a neo feather to the eye-catching coronet of the elegance of Jammu. 

Description of the Purmandal Mela in Jammu

In Jammu, the Purmandal Mela is a grand incident. It is generally held to memorialize the tying of relationships between deity Parvati and the Lord Shiva. In accordance with the Mythologies, the Lord Shiva was a beggar who mooched from one door to another when his musing was over. He was beyond the bond of worldly riches.

Parvati was brought up in the midst of wealth and luxury as she was the offspring of King of the Himalayas. So, the King of Himalayas had no plan to give his offspring in marriage with a mendicant because he was unaware of the truth that the Lord Shiva has risen above the greediness for the worldly treasures.

After that, Parvati persisted on her judgment to get married to Shiva and at the ending the king had to allow his daughter. So, the Purmandal Mela is organized to memorialize the heavenly moment when the deities got married. So the celebration is there every year.

Time for the celebration of the Purmandal Mela

This festival called as Purmandal Mela is generally celebrated in the month of February or March, on the occasion of the Shivratri Festival.

In Purmandal Mela which is in Jammu, materials such as fashion accessories, winter garments and accomplices are there for sale in the mela compound. Actually Purmandal is located nearly 39 kms away from the prime Jammu city and is the place for worship and offering during this period. People also celebrate the Shivratri during this time in the city of Jammu. The Purmandal Mela is organized to remember the delightful moment when the divinities got married and public wear their best clothes to get some pleasure in this Mela.

Purmandal Temple and Mela

Purmandal Temple is also commonly called as Chhota Kashi. It is a temple compound dedicated to the Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. From the city of Jammu, at a distance of nearly 30 kms, it is perched on the embankment of the River Devak. There are many shiv lingams inside the temple and the majority of the lingams have been created naturally, called locally, as Aap Shambhu. A lot of devotees assemble at this place to pay gratitude to Umapati (Lord Shiva and deity Parvati) and get their blessing to live a happy and flourishing life. In historical era, legend Guru Nanak and the Punjab’s Maharaja Ranjit Singh made a visit to this temple.

An annual three days Purmandal Mela is arranged in Shivratri to rejoice over the wedding ceremony of the Lord Shiva with deity Parvati. On Shivratri the terrain of Jammu attains a festive look. 

How to Reach

The state of Jammu is well connected with the rest of the country by air, rail and road.

By Air

Airport of Jammu is well linked with all the major airports of the country, such as, Delhi, Srinagar and Leh. Various airways companies provide regular flights to all the major cities from Jammu.

Flights from Amritsar to Delhi link all the main three terrains of the state – Ladakh, the Kashmir Valley, and the Jammu terrain.

By Road

Jammu is well linked by bus services. It is associated to all the neighboring cities via private buses which include Manali (Rs 1,500), Amritsar (Rs 900), Shimla (Rs 1,500), Ludhiana (Rs 1,200) and Delhi. The distance from Delhi to Jammu is nearly 684 kms and tourist buses charge nearly Rs 2,000.

By Rail

The main railway station in the state of Jammu is the Jammu Tawi. It is associated to all main cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai and also to the southern most railway station of Trivandrum.

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