Bahu Mela is one of the biggest Hindu festivals organized in Jammu & Kashmir. Despite being a popular Hindu festival, people of all age groups, caste and community come together and celebrate it with great fun and joy. The carnival is illuminated with lots of lights that enlighten the whole atmosphere and bring people together. The festivals are a glimpse of the rich culture and traditions that have been preserved by the local residents.

Though there are many festivals held all throughout the year but Bahu Mela is the most popular and usually organized during the Ramnavi.

The mela is held at the Bahu Fort which is also the worship place and dedicated to Goddess Kali. The deity is said to have the power to cure the problems of the humans and that is why most of the people come here and seek her blessings.

As Goddess Kali is considered a divine source of power, therefore people from different regions come here to get her blessings and get their problems solved as soon as possible. According to the Indian Mythology, it is said that Goddess Kali represents “darkness” and that is why she has the power to transform your bad time into a good one.

It is said that Goddess Kali is a powerful figure you can put an end to all your struggles and even shun down the evil activities that are taking place around.

Hence people collect here for two reasons, one to worship Goddess Kali and second to be a part of Bahu Mela.

It is definitely a superb time for the kids and other people when they can enjoy delicious food, get lots of entertainment, explore the local specialties and above all, get to know more people of different communities.

Description of the Bahu Mela in Jammu

The festival turns celebrated with lots of zeal and people turn out in large numbers to worship the Goddess and wear their favorite dresses. This is the time when people can have lots of fun and roam around the entire venue.

As Goddess Kali is a powerful deity, therefore it is said that her magic can bring even the worst conditions under control and one can experience peace in their life. While worshipping, people forget all their worries and their minds are now in a peaceful state which is surely a divine power that only Goddess Kali has.

The Bahu Fort is located at a distance of about 5 kms from the main city and the idol of the goddess is kept inside the fort. The fort is constructed on the Tawi River while the place is around 3000 years old and is said to be constructed by Raja Bahulochan. Even the temple gets its name from the name of the person who constructed it.

Sundays and Tuesdays are two important days when the temple is full of people. You can easily worship the goddess and enjoy the views of the flowing river.

Thousands of people become a part of the Bahu Mela.

Time for the Celebration of the Bahu Mela

The Mela is organized twice a year, one is during the March-April month while the second time during the months of September-October.

Various activities can be enjoyed in this meal like the joy rides, exploring the natural beauty of the lake, shopping and lots more.

Tuesday and Sunday are the two days when the temple is flooded with the worshippers and many more stalls are organized. You can buy lots of things that are required during the worship.

Bahu Fort and Mela

Another popular attraction of the Bahu fort is the Maha Kali temple which is dedicated to Bave Wali Mata. It is also one of the most visited temples with lots of people pouring on Tuesday as well as Sunday.

How to Reach

All modes of transport like rail, road and air are available to help the people.

By Air

You can catch flights from the nearest airport of Jammu which is located 8 kms from the city center.

Kashmir, Laddakh and Jammu are well connected with Delhi and other important places.

By Road

National Highway 1A is the safest route to reach J&K from any state or city. Buses and taxis can be hired to reach the destination. .

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Jammu Tawi from where you can find trains to different corners of the city.

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