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White Wood

Having a soft and medium density quality of wood, white wood is a known timber product in South Pacific region. Primarily, the color of this kind of wood throughout the girth is white and therefore the name is literary means of its color. Tree from which the white wood is derived is known as Endosperumum medullosum with potential of being grown in large landscapes and for agroforestry. In the present day scenario, these trees are found in the islands of New Guinea, with climatic conditions which reflect humidity, low land areas and where rainfall is high. Soil required for the growth of this species of tree is usually alluvium, although there is not much specificity about the plantations. Distribution of white wood trees can also be seen in Indonesia, Santa Cruz islands, and several of the South East Asian islands. Vanuatu is probably the largest producer of this type of tree and due to this reason, most of the timber trade in Vanuatu is limited to this particular kind of wood.

Growth patterns of white wood are quite sensitive as it gets easily destroyed by strong winds with soil disturbances. If shaded with canopies of larger trees, then it gets inhibited or stunted. The wood on contact with ground can get destroyed and thereby not very well known for furniture use. Rather, white wood can be used for canoes, medicinal purposes and for firewood. Due to the softness of the wood and sandy texture, it can be carved easily and cut across with smoothness. Nowadays, many people are using the preservative treated forms for joineries inside the houses, furniture and building construction.

Apart from the original white wood that is found in the New Guinea regions and associated islands, there are a number of species, which have a similar appearance. Solomon islands have a special kind of whitewood, although it is not having similarity with the original ones, except for the white colors.

Due to the easy growth of the white wood trees and short growth periods of 5- 10 years, these are being cultivated in various regions, after the trees are felled. In the same regions where these are growing in large numbers, the trees are cut and in the same lands, the seeds and trunk cut tree plantations are being practised. This has somehow become a good business prospect for timber merchants and they are being helped by the forestry departments in various aspects of provisioning of knowhow, technical details and seeds and saplings. Particularly in the region of Vanuatu, such agroforestry practices have been encouraged by the government. There are various reasons for the popularity of such kinds of agroforestry moves and these are also a kind of encouragement for the enterprising agriculturists.

Growth and development process of white wood has saved lots of lands in the areas where these kinds of wood are found. But, people also need to be alert about the benefits of the white wood and participate in safety and conservation of the forested lands. There are plenty of potential uses of these kinds of woods, but the important thing is to let them grow in sufficient numbers to encourage timber trade with white wood.

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