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Rose Wood

Rose wood is a kind of timber, replete with beautiful designs and hues. As it is, this variety of timber is endowed with immense physical beauty. It is more of brownish in color but can also be found in different shades or hues. Compared to various other types of woods, rose wood has been used in variety of items, where a bright and woody finish is needed. Matching up the quality of this timber are other quality woods, which are either quite expensive or have lower availability.

Whenever the furniture makers seek wood for cabinets, furniture sets, or other items with a polished finished, their obvious choice is Rose wood. Lots of items are possible to be made from this variety, and items like guitars, billiard cues, marimbas, luxury flooring, etc are commonly seen to be derived from this particular timber. Lumber quality rosewoods vary from country to country, although specific Rose wood is derived from the species of Dalbergia nigra, commonly found in the western countries. Another variety from the same genus is that of Dalbergia latifolia or Indian Rosewood or sonokeling, found usually in South East Asia, Madagascar and tropical America. Another variety called sissoo is also known as Indian Rosewood, but it is extremely dense and strong. For a high quality finish, this is the preferred variety. This particular variety is even stronger than teak according to lumberjacks and wood experts. Those described here are considered to be true rosewoods, although a number of furniture and wood makers are selling other varieties under the name of rose wood. But, these do not come up with a finish quality as the original wood.

Having an outward similarity with rosewood, there are plenty of other varieties, one particular of importance is that of Pterocarpus Indicus, which is almost as strong as rose wood and also has an equitable finish. There is a grain finish to it also, useful for furniture and cabinet making. This has a flexibility associated with it along with strength and working ease by the timber cutters and designers. These yellowish brown wood materials are also quite stable, although color variations can range from dark brown to even reddish coloration. Those with darker colors are considered to be stronger than the paler woods and hence preferred by the furniture makers.

As far as the designs are concerned, when the finished product is ready, these woods have a ripple mark effect. Grains are a particularly attractive feature of these kinds of woods, which has a universal appeal. Their presence is what makes the rose wood special among the wood sellers and even buyers are convinced about these being rose woods.

An important feature about the rose wood is that is seasons gradually. If the drying is done too fast, then there can be distortions and shrinkage. Dimension wise, these types of wood have a high stability and maintains a good shape after some item is constructed out of it.

Uses are many as enumerated, making the demand quite high in the market. As a result of this high demand, there has been a low supply of rosewood. The actual variety is now put under listed endangered species and therefore there has been an increase in the sales of such timber, which are not true rose woods, but are being sold in the market with the name itself. Also, these types of rose woods have a good finish, stability and go off well in different aspects as rose wood like timber.

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