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Holidaying In India During Monsoon

India is not only a vast country, but also a place for holidaying in beautiful natural environment, with its rivers and mountains, forests and national parks, forts and palaces standing as historical monuments, most of these places inviting tourists, with excellent travel and stay arrangements well organized by India tourism.

The country being pleasant throughout the year for travel and holidaying, still, there are places which are special during the season of monsoon in India which follows the summer.

Monsoon spots of the North

The northern States that take one to view the forts, palaces and the forestry providing amazing spots of visit for those who travel India’s northern zone, giving ample evidence of the past and heritage rich monuments, has its wonderful spots which give the traveler wonderful holidays through Monsoon.

Ladakh is one of India’s monsoon wonders with Its soul-enriching monasteries, heart rendering landscapes and blue waters always casting a magical spell, mesmerizing every traveler and it is a place most frequented location during the season of monsoon in India as the climate is spectacularly pleasant with its lush green terrain and environment.

Leh its capital is particularly important as it attracts a lot of travelers for its Buddhist monasteries besides a few historical monuments, which include Shanti Stupa, located closer to the town. Adventure sport lovers will have a good time trekking in this region, when they holiday here during monsoon.

Kerala the monsoon wonder of South

The States of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala Pradesh and Karnataka, enriched with the Western Ghat range covering Kerala and Karnataka, are another area of beautiful holidaying with wonderful resorts, hill stations, and water fronts. The pleasant part of monsoon in India should be enjoyed only in this region of this country, keeping one happy all through the day and also the night, particularly it is the time to enjoy the riches of Kerala when backwaters bloom there with beauty and lush green plantations and waterfalls all around.

Goa winning the West

West is more a commercial hub but no less significant holidaying. Places such as cave wonders of Ajanta and Ellora, entertaining beach locations of Goa, would offer the traveler both pleasure giving shopping opportunities and peaceful holiday times in this region.

Goa the all-time favorite destination for a holidaying traveler has lots to offer besides its wonderful beaches. The spectacular and vibrant monsoon festivals like the Sao Joao festival which comes at the beginning of monsoon season make people of all ages jump into water fronts, wells, ponds and streams and ponds to retrieve gift items thrown in by the villagers.

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