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Country Wood

Forested areas are found in almost all countries but more commonly seen and spread out in vast expanses in the countries with a temperate climate. Countries where low temperatures are found as well as in many developing countries, country wood in common. In such areas, wood which doesn’t come under any specific categories like rose wood or sandal wood, can be put under the category of country wood. It is mostly the regions according to which these types of woods can be seen. For most of these countries, there is a preponderance of use of country wood for more common processes. Wood derived from such locally abundant trees is considered to be the country wood, as these grow in the country side and can be cut for local use. Though they do not have very specific uses, people from the local regions utilise it for fuel, wood pulp, paper making, etc.

Most of the civilisations in the world had a clear formula of existence and lot of it depended on how the wood in the region could be utilised. Since the historical days, local wood or country wood was supposedly used in the manufacturing of products found in day to day usage. Felling of trees became common for this type of wood. Furniture and fuel wood are the most common features of these wood materials. People in the earlier days were more inclined towards these purposes, although fighting weapons were carved from country wood.

Gradually, as people realised the importance of country wood, they started adding plantations to their surrounding regions. Most countries have taken up the process of putting back these kinds of trees in growth circulation. Since, forested areas with country wood were useful for the greenhouse effects, the CO2 absorption was good. Many countries have started thinking seriously about these factors and the economy of some places like Australia, Canada, brazil, and many other countries have been depending on these types of woods and their growth.

Over the years, the importance of country wood has been realised and this leads to the growth of this particular wood in various plantations across the country. Furniture and building construction were being done in parts of the countries, which are richly endowed with various forested regions.

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