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Shiva Temple Swept Away Prayers At Kedarnath

The swollen water from the Bhagirath followed an incessant overnight rains that washed the well-known Shiva Temple located in Uttarkashi on Friday even when the state government had set September 11 as a date for resuming the daily prayers at the Kedarnath Temple that were suspended following the natural calamity which happened in June.

There were efforts from all sides to trace SDM of Almora, Ajay Arora, who accidently fell in the fast flowing Mandakini River while he was on his duty near this place, with trained PAC drivers who flew beyond Sonpragya in the district of Rudraparagya for scouring the river, with an aim to search him.

The climate around Uttrakhand remained mostly cloudy along with a fresh spell of rain that lashed Dehradun in evening, as per the Disaster Management and Mitigation Center.

The famous Manikarnika Temple which is also a well-liked destination for the pilgrims during the times of Shravana was brushed away in the waters of Bhagirathi on Friday when the incessant rains lashed the district of Uttarkashi sending the entire river into spate, as per the officials. But no individual was hurt since the temple was vacant during the incident, as per the priest of the temple Suresh Shastri. The temple was constructed following the 1991 earthquake which shook Uttarkashi, in which large number of people lost their lives.

Daily prayers at the temple of Kedarnath will start again on September 11, which is considered as an auspicious day as per the official sources.

This decision was taken in a meeting that was held on Friday. Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna along with the head priest from the Himalayan Shrine, the spokesperson of Swami Swaroopan and Saraswati, some senior ministers and the officials of the Badri KedarNath Temple attended the meeting.

The date for starting the prayers at this shrine was decided only after taking approvals of the priests together with the leaders who took part in that meeting. But before the regular prayers start at the shrine, the premises of the same must be purified and purged according to the Vedic rituals.

This decision will follow only after the completion of the purification and clean up exercise of the interior of the temple. Though the regions close the temple still have the brunt of the disastrous and natural calamity, yet the interiors of the temple remain unharmed.

The regular prayers at the temple came to a stop following the deluge struck which took place on June 16 and 17, resulting in massive damage to property and life particularly in Pithoragarh, Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Rudraprayag which are considered to be hit worse.

The daily prayers at Kedarnath shall start from 11th September however Char Dham Yatra shall not be started before 30th September. This is the date set up by the government for the restoration of the roads in Kedarghati. This is certainly an onerous task owing to the disaster and vagaries of the weather that hamper reconstruction work.

Till then the hard efforts to trace the SDM of Almora have also not resulted, as per the officer of Rudraprayag disaster management, MeeraKaintura. The NDRF people are even coming forward to assist in this search operation.

To locate Mr. Arora, a low flying aerial act over the fast flowing Mandakini River was also carried by Dilip Jawalkar, the district magistrate of Rudraprayag, DIG Amit Sinha and Garhwal commissioner Subardhan. But even then, it did not result fruitful. The SDM fell in the fast current of the river, slipping from a shift bridge that was very narrow while was made of wooden logs.

For the further safety, people have participated in the cleanup task at Kedarnath and there are efforts by PWD to construct an iron bridge that has railings over Mandakini. The chief minister has even asked the departments to construct the pre-fabricated homes for 100 people that are engaged in the cleanup tasks at Himalayan shrines.

While speaking on a conference call, Bahuguna told the DM of Rudrapragya to make available rations for 2 months for the administrative personnel, police, temple samriti functionaries, purohits and priests stationed at Kedarnath. Till that time, Bahuguna has also distributed the cheques of INR. 5, 00, 000 each to the immediate kin of twenty persons from Uttrakhand who are found missing following this natural calamity.

Speaking of a program which took place at his residential office, Bahuguna states that the responsibility of the state government towards the people who are affected with this calamity doesn't end by distributing the cheques only. Apart from this financial help, we need to extend help to the affected people in coming future also so that they can stand back on their feet and earn.

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