For centuries, Kashmir is synonymous with natural beauty and some adventure at this lovely destination is a thing to cherish.

This northernmost state of the country is like a magnet for the tourists and has been like this even in the past. Travellers, tourists, visitors and pilgrims all throng to the beauty and greenery of this place. Jammu is also known as the "Land of the Fearless". Raja Jambu Lochan discovered this place. Located at the foothills of the Himalayan range it is an ideal retreat from the hot climate of the plains in the summer season. Its location is in Himalayas mostly.

Jammu and Kashmir has a lot to offer to the tourists who wish to explore their sporting side. Many sporting activities can be indulged in. What makes this place even more attractive to the visitors is the combination of its unparalleled beauty and exciting sporting opportunities.

The bazaars are full of tourists and the boutiques offer them the latest in the fashion and accessories world. The city has many temples and shrines. Karakoram and the Great Himalayas, the two great mountain ranges, surround the place known by the name of Ladakh. Speaking in Geological terms, it is a fairly young land, formed just a few million years back by the folding and buckling of the crust of earth when the Indian subcontinent tried to push against the gigantic mass of the continent better known as Asia.

Jammu's adventure tourism gives the opportunity for the tourist to enjoy to their heart's content and spend their vacation in the lap of beauty while enjoying a host of activities and adventure sports that gives them an experience of the lifetime while at the same time preparing them to plan a second trip to the beautiful and colourful valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

The awesome activities include e- gaming, horse race, Para gliding and river rafting among others.

Major Ones


For tourists that love trekking Jammu offers great trekking routes for Long and short trek both. During the summer season all, the routes are open but in winter times, some remain closed. The shops that hire trekking equipments are provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department for the tourists along with brochures for information on trekking and routes.


In Ladakh the Nun - Kun Peak is deemed the most difficult mountain range by mountaineers. The most popular peaks in the climbers circle are Teram Kangri Group, Chong Kumdan, and Apasaras in Kashmir Mt. Kuhn (1707m), Mt. Nun (7135m) and Stok-khangri Massif (6150m) in Ladakh.  They are very popular among the climbers. Konglacha (6700m), Kantak (5275 m), Matho West (5950m) and Gulap Khangri (5900m) are the peaks that lie around Leh. Moving further to the north there are the magnificent Karakoram Range. However, most of the peaks of the Karakoram have restricted entry and the climbers can access them only with a special permit. The climbing season onsets from the mid of May and goes on until October. The best time for mountaineering is between June and September.


During the days of winters, the skiing curses are underway at Patnitop. The slopes of Patnitop are gentle and are best suited to the beginners.

Everything is available from equipments to instructors. There is dearth of accommodation as Sanasar, Kud and Patnitop have ample private hotels and huts.


A great variety of fishes is found in the Dell Lake. This includes Brown trout and Rainbow. Tourists may even hire guide who would take them around in a shikara to help them spot beautiful fishes in the lake. Other streams that have trout’s are River Lidder, River Bhringi and River Sindh. Those who love fishing can do so in the Jhelum River also. Mahseeer is the largest freshwater fish and is found in the Jhelum. The best time to fish falls in May - June and September - October. Another popular destination for fishing is Pehelgam. To be able to do fishing one will require permission from the concerned authority at the local office.

Aero Sports

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism also rents equipments for Para gliding. The best time for Para gliding is the months of May and June and the months of September and October at Sanasar.

Golfing: Gulmarg

Gulmarg has an 18 completely large golf course situated at the height of 2732m where tourists can a day's game with hired clubs. The beautiful and green lawns have an excellent slope perfect for the golfers. The best golfing time starts with May, lasts until September in the summer season, and is best enjoyed on a bright day.


A host of fishes like Mahaseer, Mahi, Labio and Catfish are found in the river Tawi. Permission to go fishing has to be obtained from the fisheries department of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Note - Many Activities Can be Done in Jammu and Kashmir Like Trekking, Bike Riding on Hills and Skiing, etc.


All the activities mentioned here attract tourists in great number and help display the products and handicrafts of Kashmir.

The State Government has directed its attention towards the infrastructure of Jammu and Kashmir. The State Government is giving heed to various important issues like water supply, primary education, health, power and roads.

Tourists that love to go on city walks are welcomed by Jammu with areas such as Vir Marg, Raj Tilak Road, Raghunath Bazaar, Jain Bazar Hari Market and City Chowk where they can go strolling, know the city from close, and learn about its culture, heritage and tradition.


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Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat
Adventure In Gujarat

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