In the north of India lies the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Its hills and valleys give it the status of paradise on our earth green valleys. For the tourists it is a perfect destination owing to its beautiful mountains along with its green valleys. This State is also known as the "Switzerland of the East" due to its lovely locales and the local people who are very friendly.
Kashmir is also famous as an adventure sports hub. Not just sightseeing one can also indulge in activities such as skiing, trekking and mountaineering. They are very popular. The restless streams and the gushing rivers located in Himalayan region serve the purpose of river rafting. A number of rivers run through this region - Ganga, Kali, Sutlej, Indus and Beas. The rivers here are great for river rafting.

Water skiing on the Nagin and Dal Lakes of Srinagar is a bit less rigorous sport and a famous past time in Kashmir. Anyone who wishes to go on an exploration of the valley in boat water trekking is ideal for him. The Shikara, a Gondola, offers a five-day long sightseeing tour along the lakes and rivers of the valley. One can enjoy the camps during the nights. The fishing season pervades the entire summer time and Trout fishing serves as another great water sport of the valley.

Tourists can enjoy snow any them of the year here. Many peaks of the mountains stay covered with snow during the entire year. It not only proves to be treated in the eyes but also serves a playground for adventurous activities throughout the year especially skiing. This place is densely populated with a height of 1850m (above the sea level) on an average but has an average height of 5000m in the Pir Panjal range.

After having fun watching the delightful beauty of the valley one can indulge in the array of adventure sports that Jammu and Kashmir offers. This will give another dimension to one's trip to the Valley. Tourists can choose from a wide array of adventure sports like horse polo, white water river rafting, mount climbing, trekking, etc.

Jammu and Kashmir is a great destination to soak oneself in winter adventure sports in the beauty of nature.

For those who love to experience the challenging might of nature adventure sports is the perfect thing to do here as this is what it is famous for. Tourists can make a choice for the adventure sports that the valley offers.

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Aero Sports

The stretch of the Himalayan range makes India an upcoming major destination for aero sports offering an opportunity for Para jumping, Hot Air Ballooning, Para Gliding, and Para Sailing. Jammu and Kashmir may not have gained popularity as a hand-gliding destination yet but gradually it will due to the flat valley that is encircled by huge mountains, which is an ideal location for hand gliding.

For aero sports like hot air, ballooning Jammu is a great place. Para gliding is another activity that drives tourists here. A lot of campus re set for here to give training in Para gliding. They also provide for all the equipments needed. Hot air ballooning in Zanskar and Sanasar has become very famous all over. Sanasar is an interesting place that is full of surprises for pilots that take off their flights.

Water Sports

Jammu and Kashmir has within its lap some rivers that move fast. They make the perfect white river rafting water bodies crossing the fantastic landscapes of Ladakh and Zansar. The rivers that play the best host for this activity are river Zanskar and River Indus.

The melting glaciers contribute the ever-cold water of these rivers. The best thing to do would be wearing a wet jacket before setting out to river rafting activity. Angling, although not so famous, is slowly gaining popularity in the region.  Pahalgam has many lakes that serve as angling spots. One requires permit to participate in this activity but it is certainly worth it.

The Indus and its tributaries offer many options in rafting. Between Saspol and Spituk on the Indus is the stretch that is best for runs guided by professionals. It requires skills on the part of participants and better organization beyond Saspol. Up to Karu, the river Indus has an easy stretch and is the best place for training and scenic floating enjoyed by amateurs.

Water Skiing

Water sports are an attraction in Kashmir. The best spots for skiing are the Nagin and Dal lakes in Srinagar and Lake Manasbal, which lies 32 km off Srinagar.

There are 'bathing boats' that are privately owned at the Boddal, Dal's largest expense. At Nagin Lake, there are bathing boats in greater number and an Institute of Water Sports run by the Government. The Nagin Lake is famous for clean water and has trained instructors too.

Winter Sports

During the winter season, the snow covers the mountains and along its gentle slopes, there is sledge riding, tobogganing, skiing, etc. While in the spring and summer seasons one can go for angling, fishing, trekking, water skiing and golfing.

The skiing centres of Kashmir are Khilanmarg and Gulmarg. The starting time of skiing is at the start of December and lasts up to March's end. The crown of the best destination of a skiing resort in Himalayas goes to Gulmarg. In 1927, two officers of the British Army established this resort as Gulbarg's first skiing club. On Easter and Christmas, skiing races are organized here. In 1998, Gulmarg witnessed the first National Winter Games. Gulmarg is located 56 kms away from Srinagar. Gulmarg has the highest lift served ski-resort of the country. The skiers are taken to the summit of ski slopes via chair lifts and ski lifts where they can decide upon the advanced, intermediate and beginners slope.

Heliskiing is also offered at Gulmarg to the lovers of winter sports. The Asia's only Heliskiing resort is next only to Canada is being the best option for Heliskiing lover. In Heliskiing, the skier is dropped on top of the mountain peak covered by snow as he goes on skiing its slopes. It is truly a marvellous experience for skiing lovers. It probably gives the best adrenaline rush to winter sports enthusiasts. Though it does have some amount of risk involved but the thrill it gives to the enthusiast is unparalleled and no other winter sport can match up to this element of Heliskiing.

Some other activities that are available for enthusiasts are cross-country skiing, ice hockey and ice-skating. Popular sites for ice skating are Srinagar and Pahalgam in Kashmir. In Ice hockey, the player wears skates on the frozen lake surface or ice rink and tries to score maximum goals against the opposite team. In place of the ball, which is used in the game of hockey, the players of this game use a puck. The players, while on the skates, try to outnumber the opponent team by scoring goals. This game requires dexterity and swiftness. Ice hockey, being an interesting winter sport, is a popular game among people who come to see it when the match is on.


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