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Wadda Ghallughara

During the Mughal Empire, the first Ghallunghara of Sikhs took place and this massacre was known as the ‘Chotta Ghallunghara’ which means the lesser massacre. The second Ghallunghara is what known as the ‘Wadda Ghallunghara’ and the worst where many Sikhs lost their lives. This massacre took place on 5th February 1762 at Kup, Rahira that is on the north, 12 km of Malerkotla in the Punjab state.

The Massacre

Occupying Lahore in 1761 by the Sikhs under Jassa Singh Ahluwalia’s command, it was difficult for them to fight the Mughal forces as they were short of the man power and the machinery to fight a war in a long battle.

The Sikhs decided to occupy and block the Jandiala village with an aim to capture Aqil Daas, as he was the ally of the foreign invader Ahmad Shah Abdali who was ruling in India many times before. But they were not successful in this endeavor. Aqil Daas took help from Ahmad Shah who was well equipped with war weapons and powerful guns.

When this came into the notice of the Sikhs, they blocked the village where Aqil Daas ruled and moved to a safer abode with their families that were out of reach of the invader. The villages close to Malerkotla away from the main road of Delhi was chosen to regroup by the Sikh community. It was in February 1762 when Ahmad Shah captured more than 30,000 Sikhs in the village near Malerkotla.

The Sikh’s been sure of their defeat but did not want to let them go easily and make their taste their own blood. They wanted to die and not surrender. A circle was formed around the children and women and moved as they were fighting. They shouted out loud, ‘Bole So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akal’ and fought with great pride and braveness. More than 20,000 Sikhs and their families were brutally killed in this massacre and inevitably named as the ‘Wadda Ghallunghara’.


The location of Sangrur is around 30°15′02″N 75°50′39″E at an elevation of 232 meters. This place is very famous for its rich cover of agriculture and cattle.

How to Reach

By Rail

The railway station of Sangrur is in the main city and the main trains like Andaman Express, Amritsar Express, Jaipur express and Punjab Mail ply through this station. One can also board trains from Delhi and a ticket of the 2nd class will cost around Rs 130. Most of the visitors prefer to travel by train as it is a cheap and very convenient option. Mostly people take up autos from the railway station to go till the city centre.

By Air

The airport closest to Sangrur is in Chandigarh and the distance between the two places is 125 km. Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and J and K has regular flights to Chandigarh. Those who come to Chandigarh via flight can take up a taxi to go to Sangrur. The Taxis ply on a cost of Rs 7 per km.

By Bus

One can also take state buses to Sangrur which is connected by many cities.  A mere cost of Rs 75 to 100 is spent on the state run buses and the time take is around two and a half kilometers.









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