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Chappar Chiri

Chappar Chiri has a special mention in the history of Sikhs as it was the place where one of the most legendary Sikh warriors, Banda Singh Bahadur, gained victory in a decisive battle against the commander of the Mughal army Wazir Khan. This victory led to Khalsa uprising and is seen as one of the most eminent victories by Sikh forces in all times.

About Chappar Chiri

The place is nearby Mohali just few kilometres from Landran and 20 kilometres from Sirhind. It is spread over a huge area of land and is home to a heritage memorial which has a museum and an open air auditorium for light and sound shows to show the life and philosophy of Sikh warriors.

Battle of Chappar Chiri

The battle of Chappar Chiri was carried out between Khalsa and Mughal forces in May 1710 and it was headed by Banda Singh Bahadur under the banner of Kesari Nishan Sahib. It was for the first time in the history of India that Khalsa republic was established on the land of five rivers, Punjab, after defeating Mughal forces.

In the period between 11thcentury and the start of 18thcentury, India witnessed several battles but faced defeat and was destroyed. This was the only battle in a long span of seven centuries that mark the victory of the Indian people and therefore, it is often regarded as the first War of Indian Independence. The battle of Chappar Chiri took place on May 12, 1710 when Sikhs managed to occupy Sirhind on May 14 1710. Wazir Khan was killed during the battle that led to the defeat of the Mughal army.

Sirhind was a very beautiful and emerging city during the time of war. It had beautiful and big landscaped gardens as well as strong forts, elegant havelis and lofty palaces. All of these were constructed by the Mughals. However, after gaining victory in the battle, Sikhs cut down the gardens and destroyed forts, havelis and palaces as it reminded them of tortured sacrifices of the young sons of their 10th guru, Gobind Singh Ji.

Fateh Burj

Banda Singh Bahadur defeated Wazir Khan in a battle in 1710 to establish the Sikh rule. Fateh Burj was constructed in memory of establishment of Sikh rule in India in 1711. It is considered as the tallest victory tower and is located in Mohali in Punjab. The tower has a height of 328 feet and it stands at the centre of the field where the battle was fought.

Important Information

Gurudwara Baba Banda Bahadur is located between the villages of Chappar Chiri and Ban and Chhoti by the side of a metalled link road joining them. The gurudwara was established in the 1950s by both villages to mark the historic victory event. A new hall was constructed in here in 1970 where the Guru Granth Sahib is now seated, while the old building serves as a primary school. Authorities recently added a small room here that serves as Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Library. The gurudwara is being governed by a committee representing the two villages.

Best Time to Visit

Chappar Chiri witnesses warm temperatures during the summer season and it can rise up to a maximum of 44°C. Generally, it remains in the range between 35 and 42°C during this season. This is not considered as the preferable time to get here. Meanwhile, the temperature ranges from 7 to 15 °C while the minimum temperature varies from -2 and 5 °C during winter season. Winters last from November to February. The best time to visit Chappar Chiri is between October and March.

How to Get Here

Chappar Chiri can be easily accessible by rail, road and train as it is located nearby to some major cities of Punjab.

By Road

A good network of roads leads you to Chappar Chiri. It is well connected to nearby cities through state-owned bus services.

By Rail

The nearest railhead is Chandigarh which has a huge railway station that connects all the major cities of the state and the country through frequent rail services.

By Air

Chandigarh also has the nearest airport and provides frequent flight services to Delhi and Mumbai. After de-boarding at the airport, you can take a bus or private cab to reach Chappar Chiri.


Finding a place to stay around Chappar Chiri is not difficult because the city has plenty of budget and luxury hotels as well as other private guest houses. They offer you good amenities at affordable prices.

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