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Helpline Numbers

The people of Punjab are quite lucky as almost every important service has a helpline number to reach out to in case of emergencies. There are specific helpline numbers for women, children, senior citizens, differently abled and many more. In addition to this, people who have applied for important documents like passport, tax papers etc. can call the helpline numbers mentioned on the official portals of these services to get instant clarification and help. The best part about these helpline numbers is that, they are available 24/7 and hence, people can feel assured that their problems will be solved within no time.

Railway Enquiry

0181-2456366, 2456367, 2456072

The Fire Sub Station


Postal Enquiry


Ambulance Services

0181-2224366, 9417713100

Roadways Enquiry Jalandhar




Fire Brigade


Refer to this link for more helpline numbers: Click Here

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