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Takhat I Akbari

Takhat-i-Akbari has a very prominent place in Indian history as the crowning ceremony of the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar took place here in 1556. It was one of the most splendid and grand ceremonies in the history of India. The place reflects the splendor and grandeur of ancient times. It is situated at a distance of around 2 km from Kalanaur. At present, the site is maintained and protected by ASI.

King Humayun was the father of Akbar who died while climbing the steps of a library. It was a sudden death. Therefore, the authority and administration of his kingdom was rested on Akbar who was only 13 years of age. It was decided by the courtiers that the crowning ceremony of the Mughal Emperor Akbar would be held in Kalanaur. Such grand history associated with this place has led to its unparalleled importance in the history of India. The place got its name Takhat-i-Akbari as a huge masonry platform was built in a very magnificent manner to execute the crowning ceremony of the emperor.

Tourists love to visit the place to take a ride and explore the golden days of the Mughal rule and to have a look at the place where the famous emperor was coroneted. The architectural excellence of Takhat-i-Akbari reflects exquisite glamour of the Mughal period. In close proximity to Takhat-i-Akbari lies a palace which is associated with the childhood memories of King Akbar. It has a playground where Akbar used to play in his childhood. King Akbar also built a beautiful mosque close to the site for offering prayers.

The reflection of Sikh and Mughal architecture in Takhat-i-Akbari makes it a more unique historical site. Both Sikh and Muslim tourists flock the place to take a deep plunge into the beauty and history of Takhat-i-Akbari. History lovers also get the pleasure of seeing immense architectural treasures here.


It is an imperial camp located in Kalanaur in the district of Gurdaspur. The landmark of the place is the ancient mosque built by Akbar adjacent to the coronation site. The site where the coronation took place is exactly 2 km from Kalanaur.

How to Reach

Kalanaur is a beautiful city in the state of Haryana. It houses many tourist destinations including Manesar, Gurgaon, Hansi and also Bhiwani. However, the closest tourist destination is Bhiwani. Since tourists come in large numbers to explore the wildlife surrounding the adjacent places and also to have a look at the historical monuments here, the roads are kept highly maintained for the ease of travelling. For travelling within Kalanaur, tourists can use trains, taxis and autos depending on their convenience.

By Rail

The best way to travel to Kalanaur is through trains as Kalanaur Kalan is a railway station located in close proximity of the region. There are regular trains from different cities of the country to Kalanaur.

By Road

Kalanaur does not have a bus stand so tourists usually take a bus to Rohtak. From Rohtak bus stand, tourists can get private vehicle services to reach Kalanaur which is 20 km away. There is another bus stand in Bhiwani which is situated at a distance of 36 km from Kalanaur.

By Air

Since there is no direct flight to Kalanaur, tourists take a flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. One has to cover a distance of 82 km to reach Kalanaur from the airport. Chandigarh airport is also used by tourist for reaching Kalanaur which is 213 km away. Tourists can easily get regular flights to these airports for traveling to Kalanaur.

Tourists can choose the means of travelling depending on their budget and convenience.

Best Time to Visit

Kalanaur mainly experiences two seasons: summers and winters. The climate is very pleasing and inviting for tourists all the year around.

The summer season includes the months between April to July. Summers are usually dry and hot making it easy for tourists to engage in sightseeing without facing unforeseen weather conditions. Large numbers of tourist come to Kalanaur during summer months to enjoy outdoor activities.

Winter season include the months between November and March. However, winters in the region experiences light spells of shower making the atmosphere cool and soothing. Tourists also love to have a pleasurable experience amidst cool and pleasing weather of the region. Heavy rain is experienced during the month of July making travelling slightly uncomfortable.

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