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Chhota Ghallughara

Chhota Ghallunghara is an immolation that happened in 1746 which was launched by the Mughals. Sikhs pay tribute to the martyrs for their bravery and sacrifice in this carnage. It is believed that more than 35,000 Sikhs were mass murdered during this period. The Chhota Ghallunghara was built as a memorial in Kahnuwan Chhamb in the Gurdaspur district by the Government of Punjab to glorify the sacrifice. This monument stands as a symbol of sufferings and valour of the Sikhs who fought bravely against the unruly war against them. The memorial is constructed in an area of about 10 acres. This memorial was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Badal on November 2011.

History of Chhota Ghallunghara

As per history, Chhota Ghallunghara was a result of an insane revenge of the then Governor of Lahore, Lakhpat Rai. So as to take vengeance of death of his brother, Lakhpat Rai vowed to wipe out all the Sikh community. He executed all the Sikhs in Lahore and marched with his troops to river Ravi near Kahnuwan in the Gurdaspur district. Unable to withstand the Mughal army, the Sikhs went into the safety of hills. With no food and arms, the Sikhs robbed the army and put up a great fight against the Mughals.

The war lasted for two and half months and it is believed that more than 11,000 people attained martyrdom. After the fierce battle with the Sikhs, Lakhpat Rai went back to Lahore announcing that the entire Sikh community was wiped out. He took with him more than 3000 Sikhs whom he tortured and killed in various Nakhas.

But after six months, all the Sikhs gathered in Amritsar on March 30, 1747 and there they took a resolution that a fort to be constructed which will act as defence barrier in the future. This commotion was called Chhota Ghallunghara as an even bigger commotion took place here after 16 years in 1767.

How to Reach Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur is one of the cities in Punjab which is well connected with all the other cities of the state. There are private buses as well as Government buses available from Amritsar. Gurdaspur is also well connected through rail from Jaipur, Delhi and Chandigarh. There is no airport in Gurdaspur, the nearest airport is the Raja Sansi airport which is only 70 kms away.

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