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Tombs Of Mohammad Momin And Haji Jamal

Raised by the Mughals in ancient times, the Tombs of Mohammad Momin and Haji Jamal make an impregnable fortress. Making it as one of the top tourist destinations of Punjab, the tombs made a long grid with fierce looking bastions hung over along the steep walls.

A steep climb up narrow roads leads to a favorable entrance for tourists who visit these tombs from all over the world. It is located in Jalandhar district in the north Indian state of Punjab. Nakodar also holds importance as a place of constant interaction between Mughal emperors and Hindu kings. Rulers of both dynasties have been decorated all along the havelis and Mughal palaces. One such regard has been given to rulers Mohammad Momin & Haji Jalandhal with these tombs.

This has made the Tombs of Mohammad Momin and Haji Jamal a popular and regarded tourist place of Punjab.

The Heritage Site

On the hills of Nakodar district come followers from the all corners of world. They are fascinated by the natural heritage of this place. Tombs of Mohammed Momin & Haji Jamal are one of the popular ones as they belong to the erstwhile Mughal emperors of this land.

Visitors to these tombs enjoy witnessing the history behind these tombs. The imperial beauty with which this tomb is constructed is intriguing. The cities adjoined this land should not be given a miss because it’s a great way to discover the pleasure of living in small communities. You will find hunting lodges, summer retreats and specially created cottages to stay in.

These tombs are beautiful and one can discover a network of roads and trains from here, which make travel comparatively simpler.

Architectural Heritage of Jalandhar

Rising from the sands, the region of Nakodar in Jalandhar city has immortal bastions of the Mughal past. They were built by Mughal emperors in Punjab. Each year, thousands of tourists come here to find the history hidden behind these places and to discover the natural beauty and tales about the tombs of Mohammad Momin & Haji Jama.

These tombs were built by Emperor Jahangir during his reign and his spiritual sense towards contemporary rulers. These tombs are definite example of his inceptions on the southern facade of Mughal buildings. The ground plan of these tombs is an octagon of four large & four smaller gateways known as Baghdadi octagon. Each of the large sides measures as 9.8 meters and each of the tombs has a rectangular recess that pierced by the doorways and two ventilators.

The eastern & western gateways and all ventilators are screened along with the trellis work on these tombs. These are all composed by small units of terracotta lattices that were popular in the history of Punjab in the combinations of Mughals and Hindu Kings. The tombs stand on a 1.6 meter high octagonal platform paved with hexagon bricks that is approached by double flight of steps on northern & southern sides. This formal outlook of tombs accommodates the crypt of these tombs where the true sarcophagi may be seen as a wonder for the tourists. The whole entrance to the crypt is laid down by the southern side rooms under a marvelous staircase. Both sides of the platform of these tombs has a rich amalgamation of a valuable art design and carved principles of Mughal emperors that forms its perpetual beauty in the shades of everlasting memories of Mohammad Momin & Haji Jamal.

The Pride of Punjab

The tombs of Mohammad Momin & Haji Jamal are stunning tourist places of Jalandhar in Punjab. These two tombs inherit the history of Punjab as they rise from bluff-colored sandstones hill. The part of this organic heritage of Jalandhar that has been preserved comprises sprawling palaces. It combines the ethics of Hindu and Mughal architecture.

Travelling at Leisure

Carry timetables of the all railways, roadways and airways with you, if you really want to know the countryside and about landscapes of Jalandhar. This will allow you to keep timings flexible as you can set out to discover the mysterious face of this colorful state.

How to Reach

By Rail

The best way to get to these tombs is via Nakodar Junction. This railway station has trains running to and from all major stations of India.

By Air

Amritsar Airport is close from Nakodar and it runs national and international flights.

By Road

Nakodar is well-connected to all major cities of Punjab such as Jalandhar and Amritsar.

Best Time to Visit

To enjoy these chronological heritages of Jalandhar, you can visit this place at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit this place is from September to October when the temperature falls between 22 degree C to 30 degree C.

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