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Union Baring College Chapel

The chapel of Union Baring College is an exemplary site reflecting rich architectural heritage of the British Raj. Tourists love to explore the divinity and royalty associated with it.

Union Baring College Chapel in Gurdaspur (Batala)

The university from which Union Baring College derived affiliation is called Guru Nanak Dev University and it is located in Amritsar. It is a Christian college with multiple cooperating bodies including Presbyterian Church in U.S.A. and Canada, Methodist Church in India and the Church of North India. The college has three sister organizations called Baring School, Baring Collegiate Senior Secondary Senior and Christian Institute for Religious Studies.

The administration of the college is supervised by a registered society called Baring Union Christian College Association (BUCCA). The chapel of the college is a famous tourist site as it symbolizes both Christian and Sikh culture and therefore has become a monument having prominent place in the history of Batala. The unique blend of two cultures is both captivating and enchanting for the visitors of the chapel.

The college chapel is located within the premises of the college and is very close to the bus stand. The chapel of the college is climbing the ladder of tourist destination gradually because of its architectural beauty. The chapel is both a symbol of history and legacy of ancient background of Gurdaspur. Many tourists coming to Batala love to visit the chapel and offer prayers. Like most of the chapels of India even the chapel of Union Baring College was built during the British raj.

This chapel shows architectural excellence of ancient times in a unique way. A royal palace adjacent to the chapel enchants many oncoming travelers. Exclusive and captivating carvings and paintings are found in the chapel which further adds to its beauty. A large number of tourists come to the place to explore the divine beauty of this holy chapel. The chapel is decorated with lights and flowers on every Thursday and Sunday for prayers. The ambience of this chapel provides solace and tranquility to its visitors.


Union Baring College Chapel is located in Batala in Gurdaspur district which is around 38 km from Amritsar. The historic tomb of Shamsher Khan acts as a landmark for the college chapel. The administrative office of this institution is located in the Royal palace of Maharaja Sher Singh. This place is highly accessible therefore different means of transport can be used to reach the chapel.

How to Reach

Batala is an important town known for industry and commerce. As such the government has ensured that the roads are highly maintained for both commercial purposes and tourism. Tourists coming here from different parts of the world love to shop for woolen products and machine tools as a memento of the memorable trip. There is an extensive network of road and railway tracks which connects Batala to other cities of Punjab.

By Road

National Highway 15 connects Batala with other cities of Punjab and India. Batala is also made highly accessible because of the State Highway through NH 1.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Batala is Amritsar Junction railway station that is 38 km from Batala. It is one of the busiest railway stations of Batala which is highly used by tourists. Trains can also use the railway lines through Qadian to reah Batala. Both luxury and semi-luxury bus services is available from Batala railway to escort tourists to Batala.

By Air

All flights both national and international land in Guru Ram das international Airport which is located at a very close distance from Batala. Tourists can take bus or car service to reach Batala from the airport covering around 40 km. Another airport called the Pathankot Airport is located at a distance of 70 km from Batala and is also used by tourists as a military airport. The distance from the airport can be easily covered since the roads are highly maintained.

Different means of transport is available for reaching Batala. Tourists can choose among them depending on their budget and convenience.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists come to Batala all year around to engage in sightseeing and other activities in the city. The climate of the place complements the mood of the tourist throughout the year. Batala has a tropical climate which means winters are wet and summers are hot and dry. The pleasant weather experienced throughout the year makes Batala one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Punjab. The climate of the place is inviting all the year around.

However, there is a huge influx of tourists during summer months as the climate is dry and the sun is not unbearably scorching. So tourists can easily engage in sightseeing and other activities during summers without facing unfavorable weather conditions.

Some tourists prefer wet winters as light spells of showers makes the environment cold and soothing. Therefore, tourists flock the region throughout the year depending on their preferences since Batala is not a place experiencing extreme climatic conditions. Tourists can easily enjoy the host of monuments in Batala in the pleasant climatic conditions.

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