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Dakhni Sarai

Dakhni Sarai is located in Nakodar which is 25 Km away from Jalandhar. It is a place where the priceless specimens of Mughal processions are kept. It consists of hundred and twenty four cells around a closed courtyard. It is a very beautiful place to visit.

This Sarai lies about 12 km away from Nakodar in Jalandhar. The Sarai is named after the village in its location. It is said that the Sarai was built by the well recognized Mughal noble Ali Mardan Khan and he built it at a time when Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was in power in 1640 AD.


Dakhni Sarai is covered with a wall all around. It consists of one hundred & twenty four cubicles in the region of a closed courtyard in the midst of two impressive gateways. It is in the centre of eastern and western four-sided figure. There is a mosque and a well inside the courtyard. The half auditorium doorway of Dakhni Sarai is ornamented with glassy floor covering whereas its interior contains decorated design over bottle green plaster.

A wall closing the Sarai is strengthened by a circular stronghold on the outside on all four corners. The three storied front elevation of the doorway shows indentation and openings on both side, the less important opening is being closed with finely pierced red sandstone tracery screens. A gateway out of the wall is reinforced with octagonal towers and is crowned with domical cupolas. Side openings are ornamented with blank tile-work which shows floral and geometrical designs. The central arch is framed with panels and arch spandrels.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to Jalandhar is located at Amritsar city. This is an international airport and has excellent connectivity to many countries and cities. It receives flights from countries such as London, Muscat and Sharjah. It is well connected to all major airports of India.

By Train

There is a railway station in Jalandhar which is well connected to major cities in the North such as Delhi, Amritsar and Jammu. From railway station to Dakhni Sarai one can take a public transport or taxi with cheap fair.

By Bus

Nakodar is well connected to all major cities of Northern India by buses. State buses as well as private luxury coaches are available and they connect Nakodar to other cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Delhi and Chandigarh. One can take a bus to visit Dakhni Sarai.

Best Time to Visit

This place experiences humid and hot conditions and the climate here can be classified as sub tropical. The level of humidity is high here during summers. Winters are considered the best season to visit this place as the weather is cool. During monsoon, the place receives good rainfall and the entire landscape looks flush with greenery. October, November and December are ideal months to visit this place.

Summer Season

Summer months start from March and last till May. The temperature goes to a minimum of 25°C and can go up to a maximum of 48°C. This season is not a good time to visit as high temperatures along with humidity make it bad and unbearable. The hottest month of the year is May.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon season here starts from June and lasts till September. The place gets rainfall only for this short period. The place stays wet for most of the monsoon season and humidity goes to high levels. The months of October and November are cool and comfortable for an enjoyable visit.

Winter Season

The winter season starts from December and lasts till February. Weather conditions are cold during this period. Temperature ranges from 19°C to minus five degrees during this period.

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