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Mughal Sarai

Mughal Sarai, also popularly known as Mughal Caravan Sarai’s, was built by Jahangir, the famous Mughal ruler. Once, this monument was used to be of great example of fine Mughal style architecture, but today this historical Sarai lies in a dilapidated condition.

Once, a symbol of esteemed magnificence and ostentatious exuberance, this beautiful Sarai is located near Ludhiana in Punjab. This Sarai became much popular when a song from the famous Bollywood movie "Rang De Basanti" was shot here.


The Mughal Sarai is 168 meter sq. enclosure of colossal battlement walls with an octagonal bastion at each corner of the Sarai. Imposing gateways are there right in the middle of southern and northern sides. The southern gate has been titivated by flora and fauna paintings while there are some stunning floral designs on the northern gate. However, today one can only find the remains of the designs. Both these gates are connected through a "kachcha pathway". There are about 20 rooms on the each of the northern and southern sides of the Sarai while there are 30 rooms each on the eastern and western sides along with a magnificent suite of three rooms in the middle of the Sarai.

There are some rooms which might used to be the "Hamam" on north east corner of the Sarai. The entry to this Hamam was through a barrel vaulted corridor. Many of the rooms in the Sarai had ceilings which had been specifically designed for ventilation and light. Each corner of the Sarai possesses a central room and there are slanting ventilators in all the rooms and the galleries of the Sarai.

There used to be a mosque in the western half of this Sarai, but today, it is in utter ruins.  The front end of the mosque was extensively painted with vibrant colors, only the traces of which survive today. There is a one storeyed structure adjoining the mosque's wall which was probably the Mullah's residence. But it is also in complete ruins today. The big compound of the Sarai is being maintained by the department of Archaeology. Once a lavish piece of architecture, today, the Mughal Sarai of Doraha is the live proof of "neglected glory" of ancient Indian history.


The Mughal Sarai is located at Doraha around 20 kms from the city of Ludhiana, Punjab. Once you reach Doraha, you can spot the boundary wall of the fort.


Since, the fort is not maintained as a tourist destination by any department, there are no timings or entry fee. Anyone can visit the place anytime.

How to Reach

By Air

Chandigarh is the nearest airport to Doraha. Once you reach Chandigarh airport, you can hire a taxi or can board a road transport / private bus to reach Ludhiana. After reaching Ludhiana, you can hire a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the fort. While approaching from Chandigarh, one can reach the fort on the Chandigarh - Ludhiana highway before Ludhiana.

By Road

Ludhiana is a popular city of Punjab and can be easily reached by private, deluxe or road transportation buses from various cities of Punjab like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Patiala, Bhatinda, Chandigarh and Delhi.

By Rail

Ludhiana is the nearest railway station which is well connected with other major cities of the country through direct and indirect trains.

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