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Attari Border

As you move around this small but beautiful village, there is a lot that catches your eye. It’s as if this place was laid out with tourism in mind. There has been growing awareness about this border recently for its preserved heritage and geographical relevance. Attari Border has a great chronological importance for Punjab state where the tourism department has taken up the challenge to enhance tourism here by offer better facilities for tourists who come here to attend a retreat ceremony of the Indian Army. On a daily basis, this small village of Amritsar strains to accommodate around 18000 tourists for retreat ceremonies of the Indian Army.

A Ceremonial Indo Pakistan Border For Tourists

Attari Border, often known as “Berlin wall of Asia”, is denominated as the ceremonial Indo-Pakistan Border and is the most popular tourist attraction of the Amritsar city of Punjab. Each evening you can watch a retreat ceremony that takes place with the Border Security Forces on the Indian border.

Flags of both India and Pakistan are lowered and the rhythmic sound of a thrilling parade enchant. This parade is performed by soldiers of both countries. Millions of people come here to enjoy this electrifying experience. It is an awe-inspiring parade where soldiers of both countries carry flags proudly in their hands. The change of guards that takes place on Pakistan side and the flag lowering by the Indian Army is performed by the strictly dressed skilful soldiers.

These ceremonies conclude at twilight alongside a bugle sound that you can hear together from the both sides. This often reflects enthusiastic relations between India and Pakistan with flags of the two countries retrieved ceremonially at the same time. Patriotic vehemence at this time grows in the switched lights of Wagah Chauki. Attari Border is the only land route to approach the Pakistan and central Asia together.

A Crucial Perspective for Home Ministry India

In the last couple of years, the top brass of Indian Home Ministry, Finance Ministry and Secretaries & Joint Secretaries have been visiting this border. They have made visits to see the poor conditions that prevail here. Several meetings also have been organized at the Attari Border to sensitize them to solve problems faced by tourists who visit this place regularly.

A Hub of Tourists in Patriotic Rhythm

A tourists’ gallery is designed here which is meant to accommodate around 18000 people that come to catch a glimpse of this nationalistic piece of India. With almost double of this number coming to visit Attari Border every day, hundreds are forced to sit on the roadside to get a glimpse of the ceremonial retreat. Hundreds of them are forced to return disappointedly. The Home Ministry has been trying to resolve these problems to welcome tourists. This place is now denominated as a beautiful hub of tourism carrying the shades of patriotism.

Keeping The Safe

Officials at Attari Border have taken care to ensure the needs of tourists visiting this ceremonial retreat of Indo-Pakistan soldiers are made comfortable. They have provided several restrooms, washrooms and other types of facilities for tourists to welcome them.

The Tourism department of Punjab has now acquired some land to construct restaurants, hotels and more accommodation for tourists. Parking facilities have been provided closer to venue for a Retreat Ceremony.

Focal Point at Amritsar

Popular among the local, national and international tourists, it’s interesting to make a visit to the famed Attari Border near Amritsar. Thanks to a new terrain in Indo-Pakistan relationship, it has prompted the setting up of a global tourism focal point at Amritsar here.

When in Amritsar, it is also a must to visit the Golden Temple which is a center of great religious significance for Sikh religion. This gurudwara was built by fifth Sikh guru Arjan. It was constructed in the 16th Century.

Travel Guide

Amritsar is situated 217 km northwest at the state capital Chandigarh in Punjab near Pakistan. The Attari Border is just 3 km away from the main Wagah Chauki in the west with the adjacent city of Lahore. This place is well connected by all means of transports.

By Air

There is an international airport at Amritsar, Raja Sansi International Airport; it is located about 11 km away from the main city centre. The major airlines that operate from here are JetAirways and Air India.

By Train

Amritsar Junction Railway Station is a major railhead of Northern railways which is well connected to Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Varanasi, Attari Border and other major cities by various expresses and mail trains from other parts of country. However, Shatabdi express, Katihar express, Howrah express or New Delhi express would a better option for you.

By Road

The city is situated on the historic Grand Trunk Road, which is also called a National Highway, is well-connected to all road networks. Amritsar bus terminal that is located about just 3 km from the main railway station inherent the daily bus services from Ambala, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ferozepur and Jammu.

Best Time to Reach

One can visit Attari Border in all seasons but if you want to catch a glimpse of Retreat Ceremonial rounds a good season, plan your journey in the months of November to December when the temperature falls around 10 to 5 degree C.

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