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Shamsher Khan Tomb

Located in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, Batala houses several monuments of historic and religious importance and Shamsher Khan is one of these. Popularly known as Hazira, the Shamsher Khan tomb is a historic monument and is a famous tourist destination. The park surrounding the Hazira provides beautiful and natural picturesque scenes of the small town of Batala.

Once a beautiful piece of architecture, this tomb now is not in a good architectural state today. Currently, this tomb is under repair and preservation. The surroundings of the beautiful monument are also being beautified under the maintenance task.


The structure was built by Shamsher Khan and this tomb stands firmly on a raised platform which is surrounded by a low level wall possessing bastions in its corners. This tomb is identical to an octagonal structure which has been crowned with a low yet magnificent dome. There are geometrical and arabesque designs painted on the spandrel of the arches. Hazira is a popular tourist attraction and a recreational park which is maintained by the local government. The interior and the exterior walls of the tomb are richly adorned with paintings depicting calligraphic, geometrical and floral designs. The interior decorations of the tomb are still intact but if one views the exteriors, only the traces of these embellishments survive.


This tomb is located about 38 Km from Amritsar and is in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab in a town named Batala.

How to Reach

By Air

Raja Sansi International Airport is the nearest airport to the tomb, located at a distance of about 40 Km. After reaching this airport, one can hire a taxi to reach Batala.

By Rail

Batala Junction that lies on the Amritsar - Pathankot railway line is the nearest railway station.

By Road

Batala is situated on national Highway 15 and one can easily find road transport buses to reach Batala from the nearly places like Pathankot, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and New Delhi. You can also plan to reach Amritsar first and the can head for Batala through a number of mediums.

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