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Malik Dinar Mosque

This momentous Malik Deenar Juma Masjid is named after its founder Malik Ibn Deenar and is based in Thalankara district of Kerala. This attractive mosque is a typical Juma Masjid and is said to have built in 624 AD. Significance of this mosque is also for the fact that Malik Ibn Dinar alias Malik bin Deenar is understood as the first ruler who bought Islam to India. Though Malik and his associates came to Kerala for business purpose, trade was not their only objective; they also wanted to propagate their religion. Exploring various towns and districts of Kerala, their mission reached Kasragod, earlier known as Kanhirakode. This is when the existing ruler Cheraman Perumal learnt of this mission, and captivated with Malik and his team’s unique methodology, adopted Islam.

Later in 1809 AD when this mosque was revamped, the acting Qazi of this mosque was Malik Ibn Muhammad who was Malik Ibn Dinar’s successor. Keralian architectural style can be evidently experienced in this Mosque and this is particularly identified for its attractiveness and tidy maintenance. The mosque also embraces grave of Malik Ibn Muhammad’s and is a rare monument because out of all ten mosques built by Malik Ibn Dinar, this is the only one to have endured.


Malayalam is the prime and preferred language at Kasragode. Besides, you may also find some people speaking Tamil and Hindi. Families, because of their long belonging to this place, are good at reading and understanding Urdu. But then people’s familiarity with English is equally good.

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Nearest Bus Station

Thalankara district is in close vicinity of 2 km from Kasragod. To reach Kasaragod, there cannot be a better way than the bus route because of the picturesque locales and amazing landscapes in this ‘land of God’. This place connects well on road with other prime cities of Kerala and you can avail private as well as public services. Journey is quite affordable whichever bus service you avail, and should you seek a faster approach, you can hire a taxi.

Nearest Railway Station

Nearest railway station is Kasaragod and it has well connected rail route with major towns of Kerala. Moreover, approach to Kasaragod is quite convenient with neighbouring states as well. Again, travelling in train is not any less than voyaging through a paradise because of the natural surroundings.

Nearest Airport

If you are coming by air, then Mangalore is the most ideal airport in its neighbourhood. It is placed at a 50 km drive from Kasaragod. Another nearing airport is Kochi, but it is much farther as you may have to travel around 400 km to reach Kasaragod.



Malik Dinar mosque’s architecture is easier to identify because of its Keralite architecture. Mosque structure as you see today is a two-storey building which stands on gigantic wooden beams. This is certainly a much renovated version because the original structure comprised just a construction of thatched roof. Previous flooring had marbles that Dinar carried all the way from Mecca. Floor has got more extended now but those Mecca belongings have been preserved as earlier.

One can see the history behind mosque’s construction carved over the wooden beams in Arabic.

Mosque Festivals

Uroos is a renowned festival celebrated at Malik Dinar Mosque. Held once every three years, Uroos is celebrated quite ceremoniously and with extreme vivacity. It is believed that Malik Ibn Dinar exists here by way of his soul during this festive time and therefore this is a holy festival. Gathered gentry offers prayers for the sacred soul.

Other festivals at Malik Dinar Mosque: -

• Ramadan

• Bakrid

• Veliancode jaram nercha festival.

• Malappuram nercha.

• Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu.

• Pattambi Nercha.

• Chandanakuda mahotsavam at beemapally

It is never hard to find a lucrative Malik Dinar package. Having availed, you can conveniently land up here and experience the religiousness in its air. Just write down and grab an affordable deal.


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