The mosques in Kerala speak about the heritage of the Arabians. Supporters of Prophet Muhammad and the traders of the Arab countries promulgated about Islam in Kerala. The history of the mosques goes back to the age of Prophet Muhammad. The mosques in Kerala are too old and speak about the history of ancient Islam.

A large number of mosques are located in northern part of Kerala. Most of the mosques are built along the coastal line by Malik Ibn Dinar who was the first Muslim who visited Crangannur. He is believed to be one of the followers of Prophet Muhammad. The architectural design of the mosques in Kerala is almost similar. The design is such that it has a big hall for prayer and has verandhas all around the hall. The details of the most famous mosques are stated below.

Famous Mosques

The oldest mosque of Kerala is the Cheraman Jama Masjid and is most famous mosque. The mosque is oldest in India and second oldest in world. It was built in A.D. 629 in Kodungallur that is near Thrissur. The mosque was built after seven years when the Prophet’s relocated to Medina. The mosque was named after the Chera ruler known as Cheraman Perumal. Malik Bin Dar is the originator of the mosque. Malik Bin Dar is the follower of Prophet Muhammad. This mosque has been designed such that it looks like a temple and faces east direction while all the other mosques face west. The mosque was built in the existence of Prophet Muhammad and havens few followers of Prophet. A lamp that is considered to be some 1000 years old is believed to be burning since then. The lamp is considered to be the oldest element of the mosque. The mosque permits people from other religion to visit and pray in the mosque thus it is symbolic for the mutual concord.

In 19th century another mosque was built by a Hindu family and is named Malappuram Jamat mosque. This mosque was built by Prana Nambi in remorse of the felony and mayhem that was done towards the Muslims. The dazzling blue doors and the white walls give this mosque a unique look. The finesse of the mosque is astounding.

In the Idukki district is one of the most ancient mosque of Kerala known as Nainar mosque. The mosque was revived and restored to its original design in the year 1979. The steps that are made of stones have various captions engraved on each step. A huge water tank in the premises of mosque has been carved from a single huge rock.

Built in the 18th century with the structure resembling the Mughal architecture is named as Pazhayangadi mosque and is located in Malappuram district. This mosque is also named as Kondotty mosque. The carved white dome in the mosque is very unique feature of the mosque. Valia Nercha is the yearly event celebrated in the mosque and the Muslim devotees visit the mosque in large numbers. The devotees from all over India visit the event.

In Thalangan in Kasargod is the Malik Dinar Mosque. The mosque was created by Malik Ibn Dinar who was a popular follower of Prophet Muhammad. He was very popular among the Islamic people and preached Islam to his followers. The divine body of Malik Ibn Dinar is obscured in the mosque. Devotees from all over the India take part with all the joyous in the annual festival held in the mosque.

The other historic mosque in Kerala are Charachira Jama Masjid in Palayam in Thiruvananthapuram, Odathil mosque in Kannur, Kanjiramattom Mosque at Kanjiramattom in Ernakulam.


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