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Kuttichira Jum A Masjid Kozhikode

Kuttichira Jum-a Masjid is an old monument dating back to 14th century and has historic significance associated to it. This Mosque is said to have constructed by Nakhooda Mishkal, an Arab trader and hence is also identified by the name Mishkal Mosque. There is also an interesting narration associated to tell. This place Kuttichira, which is placed in the town Kozhikode, is long known for the communal harmony of Hindus and Muslims. But Portuguese, with evil intentions, molested it in 1510 AD and destructed a major portion of the mosque structure. However the then ruler Samoothiri, also known as Zamorin, did not let those evil intentions succeed and rebuilt the mosque, reducing the five storey building to four storied. This however could not tamper the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood and rather helped the relations strengthen. Leftovers from the Portuguese attack are still preserved here and can be seen on the top floor.

The Mosque Continues to be an Emblem of Communal Harmony.


Malayalam is obviously the most preferred lingo for locals, just as it is in rest of the Kerala. However, many families have relocated here from neighbouring states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Hence Tamil and Kannada too are spoken. Besides, Hindi is the other preference being national language. There is yet another and big community well versed in Urdu.

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Nearest Bus Station

Kozhikode is well connected on bus route as KSRTC buses running from major towns of Karnataka and Kerala can be boarded to reach here. Mangalore is the nearest major town placed 250 km and it is hardly 7 hours run to Kozhikode. Bangalore is a closely located metro some 350 km / 10 hours. Bus service is usually handy and also affordable. Fare for semi-deluxe bus from Mangalore is approx. Rs.200/- and given the type of roads and up keep of busses, it is not much.

Nearest Railway Station

It is quite soothing to see that Kozhikode has a railway station, with regular trains running amidst leading towns. Mangalore is quite close and you can reach here in just 3 hours if you board Tiruchi express which runs every Sunday. Otherwise, you can take Mangalore Express from Chennai and reach Kozhikode in eleven hours and this train is 6 days a week.

Nearest Airport

Calicut embraces an international airport known as Karipur and is just 23 kilometers from Kozhikode. So after landing up at Karipur International Airport, you can hire a taxi and reach the destination quickly. Better part is that the airport is adequately allied with other major towns of India, as also you can board international flights.

Given to have picked lucrative Jum-a Masjid deals, you can get end to end connectivity and enjoy a luxurious stay as well.



On the very first view, you get the feel of a primitive structure as it has been raised on an elevated platform and has slanted roofs, as were common erstwhile. A special significance is here for the large floor spaces which can conveniently occupy close to 1000 worshippers any time. Architecture embraces the typical Kerala style and has that temple like design on top. Wooden ceilings are always a treat to see given its ancient carvings and so are its wooden walls, where verses in Arabic can be seen imprinted.

Mosque Festivals

Nercha is a renowned festival at the Kuttichira Jum-a Masjid and lasts up to 4 days. This festival is celebrated during the month of April and is identically cherished by all religions. So it is a treat to be here at this time.

List of the major festivals celebrated at the Kuttichira Jum-a Masjid are: -

• Ramadan

• Bakrid

• Veliancode jaram nercha festival

• Malappuram nercha

• Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu.

• Pattambi Nercha.

• Chandanakuda mahotsavam at beemapally

Tomb of Malappuram Shaheed

Right beside the Kuttichira Jum-a Masjid is located the Malappuram Shaheed tomb. It is understood that Mappila ballads commemorates his bravery. But this is why the tomb has a special significance and so the Mosque and Tomb complement each other in a distinct way.


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