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Alappuzha Canal

Alappuzha has a pretty wide complex of canals. The boulevards creased with plenty of food joints, shops which sell reasonably priced ethnic relics and many other things are responsible for this place being as famous as it is.
If you want to spend some quality time in the middle of the sounds and sights belonging to the hydrosphere, then you should climb onto a little boat and twist through the maze of canals that Alappuzha boasts of. While you are sailing through these, you are sure to stumble upon the numerous attractive aspects of daily life on water and land. 

A large number of cruises are available for you to enjoy - from tiny country boats to expensive houseboats and little speedboats to huge passenger motorboats. The little boats are preferable for cruising across the canals. 
You have the opportunity to pay a visit to the villages situated on the shore to have a look at the unique procedures and techniques employed in coir making. It's also an occasion to taste the tribal cuisine from neighboring eateries. Fish delicacies along with tapioca are what make the backwater cuisine to delectable and special.  

How to Reach

Alappuzha Cananl can be reached through any mode of transport. The airport at the least distance from the area is Kochi, situated 64 km from it. The Trivandrum airport, 159 km from Alappuzha, is another option. You can reach Alappuzha without any trouble from cities like Howrah, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Bokaro. It is well accessible from most cities in the south of India by means of National Highway 47.

Climatic Conditions and Best time to Visit

Alappuzha Canal mostly witnesses quite a bit of humidity and a moderate climate. The area is somewhat more pleasant in winters. Temperature range is amid 220C and 350C in summer time and 200C and 320C in winter time. Your visit should preferably be within the months of August and March.

Cruises from Alappuzha

There are lots of cruises in Alappuzha for you to choose from. None of them deserves to be missed.
Alappuzha to Alappuzha cruise will take you for a smooth sail over the Legendary Punnamada Lake in a night’s duration. It is appropriate for a soft romantic glide in the direction of the Vattakayal Lake.

Alappuzha to Kumarakom is one other cruise that takes a full night. You are in for a charismatic night accompanied by water birds and water lilies. Best of all, you will get to see fishermen and women fishing in exceptional ways. The stars adorning the sky make the surroundings magical.

Alappuzha to Kottayam is known to be the best cruise. If all you want is a little peace and tranquility, this is one cruise you shouldn’t miss. You will catch glimpses of natives farming at a level lesser than the sea and engrossed in preparing or collecting toddy from palm.

Alappuzha to Thottapally is a cruise taking you through the historically significant areas of the region. You will see outstanding locations like Champakulam Church and also Ambalupuzha temple. In the duration of your cruise from Aluppuzha through Kidangara you will get to see both Pathiramanal Island and the fascinating Vembanad Lake.
Alappuzha to Mankotta will sail across the Punnamada Lake, providing you with the opportunity to stopover the villages known for making coir, along with more noteworthy areas of the olden times.

Prime Attractions

Punnamada Kayal

When you are visiting Alappuzha, Punnamada Kayal is a place which you cannot afford to miss. It is at this place that the year on year Nehru Trophy boat racing contest occurs in August through September. The boats, which have likeliness to snakes, have the power to carry 120 participants, seated in 2 rows.

Krishnapuram Temple

Constructed about two levels, this pretty temple glorifies the architectural talents of Kerala. The museum situated inside accommodates Gajendra Miksham, the hugest mural painting.

Ambalapuzha Temple

This temple is a vital place for those who worship Lord Krishna. The walls have a hard to forget architecture. Here you even get the occasion to relish the delectable payasam.

Pandavan Rock

Very popular among tourists, this rock owes its name to the Pandavas of Mahabharata. According to legend, they had sought refuge inside this cave after they were exiled. It has also been named the Rock of the Pandavas. Hordes of people come here for picnics.

Bishop’s House

More than 5 centuries old, this is believed to have been the house of the Portuguese Governor. It is placed on a small hill in the neighborhood of Parade Ground. It is famous for its gigantic Gothic arches, along with a garden path shaped like a circle that twists upwards towards the way in. You can see loads of invaluable relics inside the museum which can be found next to the house.

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