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Alappuzha Backwaters

These act as an important waterway to transfer goods between remote villages and busy towns, the only connection between such places being people and the goods they manufacture. The backwaters in Kerala cover an expanse of about 1500 kilometers, with a complex of 44 lakes, lagoons and rivers between north and south. The major part of this complex is formed by Alleppey, which is known for a weird geographical trait- the water being at the same level as the land. The benefit this provides is that you can get a good view of the village life on coast while simultaneously enjoying a backwater ride.

You will definitely be mesmerized by a slither in a Houseboat (or a Kettuvallom) across the magical Alleppey backwaters. This is on account of the slender canals lined with palm trees that coil through the wide stretch of paddy fields and the immaculate little hamlets that adorn both sides of the canals. You will also witness Chinese fishing nets, a souvenir of old trade connections. What make this place even more beautiful are the ducks meandering around the coast and the adorable little birds that can be seen in the sky.

Among the plentiful temptations this place offers, the crystal clear waters and the pleasant and soothing wind surely make it to the top of the list. You will get to see people belonging to different walks of the city’s village life going towards their destinations in a variety of country boats. These range from newspaper boys and milkmen to priests and politicians. This is the best way to introduce you to the colorful and lively rural areas of Kerala.

Alleppey (now called Alappuzha) is flooded with tourists all through the year on account of being located near the Vembanad Kayal and the Kuttanad region. Similar to Venice, the area has an interweaving of canals. However, there are certain differences, the biggest one being that all have their own identities. The most distinguished site here is the Pathiramanal Island of Vembanad Kayal, which is decorated with palm trees and is at an hour’s travel from Alappuzha. It is noted for its snake boat races, beach, and plethora of historical regal buildings. Another place worth checking out is the Kayamkulam Lake, which has National Thermal Power Plant and Kayamkulam town situated on its banks.

How to Reach

You can use any form of transportation to reach Alappuzha Backwaters. The airport closest to the place is Kochi, located 64 km away. Then there is Trivandrum airport, 159 km away. Alappuzha can be easily accessed from cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Howrah, Bokaro and Cochin. It is well connected to most places in southern India via National Highway 47.

Climatic Conditions and Best time to Visit

Alappuzha Backwaters have a humid and temperate climate generally. The place is relatively cooler during winters. Temperature is between 22oC and 35oC in summers and 20oC and 32oC in winters. You should plan your visit between August and March.

Cruises from Alappuzha

You can choose from a number of exciting cruises on Kerala’s backwaters. All of them are equally sought after.
Alappuzha to Alappuzha cruise introduces you to the Legendary Punnamada Lake over the course of a night. It is perfect for a smooth romantic sail towards the Vattakayal Lake.

Alappuzha to Kumarakom is another cruise that lasts the whole night. You are in for an enchanting night amid water birds, water lilies and men and women fishing in unique ways. The stars in the sky make the night perfect.

Alappuzha to Kottayam is among the best cruises. If you are looking for some moments of peace and calm, this is the one you should opt for. You will get to see people farming lower than sea level and engaged in preparation or collection of toddy from palm.

Alappuzha to Thottapally is a cruise through the historical sites of the area. You will get to see prominent sites such as Champakulam Church and Ambalupuzha temple. While cruising from Aluppuzha to Kidangara you will be taken to Pathiramanal Island and Vembanad Lake.

Alappuzha to Mankotta will take you across the Punnamada Lake and give you the chance to visit the villages which make coir, among other historically notable sites.

Prime Attractions

Punnamada Kayal

When in Alappuzha, this is a place where you should surely go. It is here that the yearly Nehru Trophy boat race happens between August and September. The snake-like boats have a capacity of about 120 persons, accommodated in 2 rows.

Krishnapuram Temple

Built over two stories, this beautiful temple depicts the architectural techniques of Kerala. The museum located in this place houses Gajendra Miksham, the biggest mural painting

Ambalapuzha Temple

This is the ultimate place for worshippers of Lord Krishna. The place has a memorable architecture and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the delicious payasam.

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