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Padanna Backwaters

Padanna backwaters, which are located in the area of Cheruvathur, in Kasaragod district, is one of the most scenic places in Kerala  as coconut trees and palm trees cover this place beautifully. Mr. Gul Mohammed started off the Oyster Opera at Padanna. This is the hub of oyster farming and what started off on a very small scale, provides income to thousands of people today. This is one of the few places in the state where modernisation has not set in. The old rustic charm of the rural areas of Padanna is still evident in the backwaters today. Many tourists come here to see the oyster farms.  A trip on the houseboat and sunbathing at the Valiyaparamaba beach are some of the activities that can be enjoyed here.

The backwaters of Padanna are sourced by five big rivers that later flow into the Arabian Sea.  Mussel cultivation is the main occupation of people here. If you want to enjoy natural tourism in its best form by staying in beautiful cottages, you must visit the Padanna Backwaters. And while you are here, you must not miss the local delicacy of green mussels that melt in your mouth!

How to Reach

By Air

Mangalore International Airport, at a distance of 120km and Calicut international airport at a distance of 180km are the nearest airports to Padanna backwaters.

By Rail

Cheruvathur railway junction, at a distance of 8km from Padanna backwaters, is the nearest railway station to this place.

By Road

The Cheruvathur bus junction, which is located at a distance of 9km from Padanna backwaters, is well-connected with other important parts of Kerala through private sector and government sector buses.

Climatic Conditions and Best time to Visit

The climate remains pleasant all through the year at Padanna, due the abundance of greenery all around. The place receives abundant rainfall during the monsoon months of June, July and August. The best time to visit this place is the time just after monsoon, which is from September to February.

Cruises from Padanna

Tourists can enjoy many houseboat cruises in the Padanna backwaters, in the midst of excellent beauty of the mountains, coconut groves and abundant greenery. For the benefit of tourists, country boats too are available to the nearby Valiyaparamba Beach and Tejaswini River. The major highlight here is the houseboat cruise that tourists can enjoy during full-moon lights. The combined pleasure of the houseboat trip along with the cool moonlight makes it a trip that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Prime Attractions

Padanna is a place that has many Hindus and Muslims.  Some of the most famous places of worship are Shri Mundya Temple, Padanna Juma Masjid and Town Miouddeen Masjid.  Some of the other major attractions here are Bekal Fort, Kappil Beach, Chandragiri town, Ananthapuram Lake Temple, Manjeshwaram, Ranipuram, Madhur Temple, Pandiyan Kallu rock, Malik Deenar Mosque, Kanhangad Fort and the cultural centre of Nileshwaram.