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Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a tourism magnet in the diverse land of India. Occupying the northernmost crown of the landmass, the state hosts many exciting prospects. The formidable mountains at the margin present a beautiful backdrop on which lush valleys blossom. The scenic locations are backed up by immense biodiversity to create a sophisticated ecosystem. The state has some beautiful forests that are home to a rich assemblage of animals. Being the centre of a border dispute has not succeeded in eroding its charm among travelers.

Jammu and Kashmir is divided into three separate regions having distinct sets of culture, thereby offering travelers plenty of opportunities for venturesome travelers. The state is a delightful cocktail of nature, adventure and heritage. The state can offer some delightful recipes. The exotic cuisines are immensely popular among tourists.

The weather of the state is cool, and during the summer, a visit to the region can be the best way to beat the summer heat. Winter sees heavy snowfall and some of the slopes become ideal for skiing and other such activities. The rivers flowing through Jammu and Kashmir have carved out magnificent valleys that are inhabited by indigenous tribes. These constitute landscapes of scenic beauty. The entire valley covers an area of 15520 square kilometers. The valleys are carved by the vibrant rivers of the Indus, Chenab and Jhelum, and they enhance the scenery of the landscape.

The locals are hospitable the landscape majestic and a delightful weather make Jammu and Kashmir a tourist’s paradise.

Why Visit the State

Jammu and Kashmir offers ample opportunities for travel and leisure. The state capital Srinagar is an important hub for tourists coming into the state. The Dal Lake in Srinagar occupies a significant position among the tourists. The lake, with its colorful ‘shikaras’ is popular among tourists of all ages. There are other important towns in the region with their own set of distinctions and contribute heavily to the influx of tourists.

The state has numerous trekking routes that are popular among adventure tourists and mountaineers. The high mountains offer a posing challenge for adventure enthusiasts. In the winter Gulmarg and Pahalgam becomes excellent skiing localities. The barren landscape of Ladakh provides ideal tracks for mountain bikers.

The state is an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus. The Mata Vaishno Devi shrine close to the town of Jammu is on top of a hill on the slopes of Trikuta mountain range. The shrine sees devotees from around the world. Raghunath temple is another popular tourist destination. Besides, the state is dotted with historical monuments that provide a glimpse of the eternal history of the land.

Exploring the Culture of Jammu and Kashmir

The culture of Jammu and Kashmir is a rich collage of life forms. In many of the places, traditions persist in unadulterated forms. Very few have explored the entire cultural landscape of the state that incorporates three distinct zones.

The Ladakh plateau in the Eastern margin of the state has a predominant Buddhist culture that has derived from the Tibetan way of life. The plateau is isolated from the rest of the world. Ethnic Tibetan cuisines such as ‘thukpa’ and the peaceful way of life here can be a life changing experience.

The valleys of Kashmir region have been inhabited by people skilled in weaving. The handicrafts of Kashmir are recognized the world over for their creative designs. The folk culture of Kashmir can be accessed from the variety of dances and delicacies. The exotic features of the region have found expression in many movies and television shots.
The southern region of Jammu has more affinity towards the mainstream population residing in the plains of India. This region has a culture that is dominated by the Dogras. The Dogras coexist with other tribes to form a diverse society.

Facts for Tourists

Jammu and Kashmir has a high mean elevation above sea level. As a result, the level of oxygen may not be adequate for people with breathing problems. The weather is significantly lower with heavy snowfall in the Kashmir Valley during the winter. While traveling the land, it is advisable not to carry any expensive belongings. Jammu and Kashmir, unlike other parts of mainland India, is relatively safer for women. Still, it is better avoiding clothes that reveal too much skin. The state is strict on the use of banned substances.

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Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir
Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir
Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir
Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir
Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir
Why Visit Jammu And Kashmir

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