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Karma Yoga

This form of yoga teaches about the procedures to attain precisions in the actions. The dictionary meaning of karma is action while yoga is called as union. The combination of karma and yoga hence can be stated as union through action. Karma yoga is also called as the mode of actions, thought process and enthusiasm that leads to recognition by working on one’s act without contemplation of desiring any returns. Karma yoga is the process of functioning on every aspect that can be simple, or more exigent. The actions performed in Karma Yoga are to be done without expecting any returns thus this provides an inner satisfaction. Karma yoga teaches about working selflessly on any job.

This is very clearly understood that every action performed has equal reaction and in a similar fashion every cause done is expected to have an effect.

Whatever the action is performed it departs a notion that tends to become a cause for new action to be performed. This leads to one more meaning of the karma that accrue the domino effect that is the effect of earlier actions performed leads to form the base for any further actions. Karma Yoga hence is the science that is related to the three main meaning of Karma.

Karma Yoga educates about the origin for any pain, agony and hardships, which will overpower the materialistic life. Karma yoga also preaches that whatever is reaped by an individual will be sown by oneself. For any of the pain or agony one receives no other person is responsible instead the person is responsible for his or her own actions. The kind of Yoga thus depicts about any secretive work done by which a person knows how to remove the torment of life.

Origin of Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is also named as the authority of actions. The Karma yoga got its origin from the learning’s of Bhagavad Gita.

The literal meaning of Karma has been instigated from the word”kri” that means performing an action. Yoga can also be termed as “Agility in doing work”. Not only performing any physical act id karma but this can be related to meditation, worship, love etc.

Poses of Karma Yoga

The person who wants to devote their life on the way of Karma Yoga that is they won’t do any wrong deed to anyone as these followers believe that if they are causing any harm to anyone this results in causing the harm to oneself. On following the karma yoga the mind teaches on keeping the mind clean of any negative thoughts, thus helps in leading a better life.

Benefits of Karma Yoga

By performing the gallant act the person is able to get a purified heart. The mind and soul gets free of disgust, envy, dominance and other negative thoughts. The person practicing Karma Yoga helps to attain humbleness, modesty, compassion and kindness. The act of selfishness gets exterminated. The person is able to look at the prospects of life in a broader and bigger way. The person feels concord both internally and externally.

The other benefits of yoga are the undenying factor that it purifies the heart of its practitioner. The Karma Yoga practitioner gets liberated from the hatred, covet, supremacy and the thoughts that generate negativity in the mind rather they become meek, modest and compassionate. The live a life with broader mind set.


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