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Chinakkathoor Pooram

In southern India in Kerala people celebrate a famous festival Poorams. The most famous among this is the Chinakkathoor Pooram dedicated to Sree Chinakkatoor Bhagavathy located in the city of Palappuram that is part of palakkad district in Kerala. Sree Chunakkathoor Bhagavathy Temple celebrates Chinakkathoor Pooram in the month of March. This is considered as one of the major festivals celebrated in Southern part of India. Khumbham is the month of Malayalam calendar that is considered as auspicious for celebrating Chinakkathoor Pooram.

The festival has been dedicated to the cradle art of Malabar and is celebrated in elegant and wonderful and is most significant Ottapalam festival. The capital city of Malabar, Valluvanad gives the visitor grand view of its traditional art and Folklores and in an impressive way.


The festival was first celebrated in 18th century at Chinakkathoorby the Land Lords on receiving orders from King Zamorin. The use of Horseplay implicates Zamorin Dynasty rulers from AD 825-1766.

This festival was celebrated on the day of Makam once in twelve years. The celebration of this festival was powered by King of Perumal. Later the King of Valluvanda took over the charge of the festival after the exodus of last King of Perumal. The festival was celebrated on the banks of river Perar in Thirunavaya by the Kings of Valluvanad till 12th century. After the rule of Valluvanad King cam the King Zamorin of Kozhikkode to rule over Mamankam. The participants of the festival were the kings who had war troops and the festival goes for as long as 28 days.


The festival speaks about the solemnity and opulence that is allied to the tradition of temples of Kerala. The major spectacle of the festival is the use of 33 elephants. The elephants are ornamented magnificially and move under the shed of decorated silk umbrellas.

The festival is celebrated with all pomp and show and the performances by the local people. The temples generally use Panchavadyam with full zest. The Panchvadyam is an orchestra that has five musical instruments used in almost all the temple festivals. Vellethu, Theyyam, Aandi Vedan, Kaalavela and Karivela are the various arts performed in Chinakkathoor Pooram.

The festival is inaugurated by a convoy of horses known as kuthira. The parade of eighteen kinds of horses is demonstrated by the followers. Another important element of the parade is Kaala also known as the statue of eight bulls.

Another ritual followed in the festival by the organizers is “Parayedduppu”. During the celebration of “Parayedduppu” one more event is “Velichappadu” and is celebrated by donating portion of rice.

A puppet show named Tholppavakkoothu is religiously displayed in the vicinity of temple regularly for seventeen days in the evening.

Tourist Essential

It is one of the remarkable experiences for the visitors to Chinakkathoor Pooram. The two of the major events of temple are Kuthira and Kaala. One also gets the glance of Kerala’s folk art and music. Large numbers of people gather during the proceedings of the festival and the authorities make full arrangements of the safety of the devotees. The devotees have to take care of the kind of clothes they should wear while visiting the temple.

Visitors who come to take part in the temple festival can also visit nearby places as there are many tourist spot near Palakkad. The other sightseeing places are fort, Kollengade Place and Pothundy Dam. The place also provides scenic beauty because of its location at Western Ghats foot.

Getting There

The closest rail line to this holy place is Ottappalam of just 5 kms away.

The nearest airport is 85 kms from the shrine and is in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

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