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Puthupally Church

Puthupally Church is one of the ancient churches in Kerala. It is also known as Puthupally Valiyapally. It is located on the fringes, River Kodoorar. It is situated on the Puthuppally-Changancherry Road. This church came into popularity because it was rebuilt several times. It was also expanded and renovations were also done as the time passed by. The church exists from 450 years. Many changes have been witnessed by this structure since it was incepted.


Puthupally Church was earlier built as a chapel or Kochu pally. In was constructed on a hillock that was later renamed as Kochupallikunnu in the name of Saint Mary in the year 1557. The famous Hindul Temple, Vazhakulam is also located nearby. After 80 years, in the year 1640, this chapel was shifted and was again built at its current location in the name of Mar Bahanan Sahada at Elamthuruthi Kunnu.

In the year 1750, the church underwent construction again and was now built in the name of Saint George, though the major portions of Mar Bahanan Church are still retained. The church has a rich past and has enjoyed several glorious years and still continues to do so. This religious center is known to offer immense solace to the devotees coming here.

In the year 2003, the church was built yet again and was now transformed into a shrine as well as three churches. St George Church is still retained. On either side of the church, there are verandas. There is a chapel that was constructed in the name of Saint Mary. It is placed on the northern side while St. Bahanan’s Church is positioned on its southern side. The three churches are standing tall side by side and attracting a large number of devotees from all over the country.


One of the prominent churches in the state of Kerala, Puthupally Church is located about 8 kms away from the Kottayam Town in Kerala.

Attractions Inside the Church

In Saint Bahanan’s Chapel, the main alter has been named after Saint Bahanan. Alters that are positioned on the left and right are named after St.Vattasseril Geevarghese Dionysius and His Grace Kuriakose Mar Gregorious of Pampady. Thus the new shrine enjoys the blessings of nine intercessors. This church is visited by thousands of devotees irrespective of their caste, creed and religion to offer their prayers and supplications before Saint George. It is believed that the prayers made before Saint George are always answered. Though, the church is visited by a large number of devotees throughout the year, it is basically during Saint George’s Feast that the numbers increase exponentially. His Holiness Baselious Didymus-I Catholicos of the East declared this church as the “Georgian Pilgrim Centre of the East” in the year 2007.


Festivals in Kerala are celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm. Loud music and colourful lights are the highlights of any festival celebrated in this state. In the similar fashion, St George Orthodox Church or Puthuppally Church celebrates a 2 day event that is full of exuberance and gaiety. Devotees from faraway destination come here to offer their prayers. A wide array of rituals is observed. Many of these rituals are similar to those conducted in any Hindu Temple. The sense of divinity is simply over whelming. The festivities and preparations for the feast begin 10 days before the festival. Ceremonial procession is carried out with erected flag masts taken out from two places situated close by. On the main day of this two day event, a Holy Mass is observed that is led by His Holy Catholicose. He is the main head of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

The mass is attended by thousands of devotees. They congregate in the main premises of the Church where a ceremonial feast or Vechoottu is observed. Another prominent ritual observed here is adya choroonu wherein young kids are offered their first rice feed by the priests. Another main highlight of this two day event is Raza wherein, a grand procession is carried out by the ardent devotees. They take holy crosses in hand. These holy crosses can be wood, gold or silver. Ceremonial umbrellas in a riot of colors are also in their hands. Orchestra accompanies them and the procession continues on the set path with music and colourful sights. The festival is culminated with an impressive display of fireworks. This entire time is filled with lot of enthusiasm and gaiety.

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