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Edappally Church

Quick Facts

Location Edappally, Kochi
Country India
Founded 1410
Dedication Saint George
Denomination Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
Churchmanship High church
Status Church
Functional status Active

About St. George's Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church, Edappally

Also well known as Edappally Church, the St.George’s Syro Malabar Catholic Forane Church is located in Edappally. This place is positioned about 10 kilometers from Cochin. This church is one of the ancient churches in the state of Kerala. The church was constructed in the year 594 AD. Later in the year 1080, another church was constructed adjacent to the old church. A nine day long festival is celebrated every year on a grand scale in April-May months. Even non-Christians visit this church and is famous among them.

This church can also be reached by road from any city, town or part of the country. The church is located at the confluence of two National Highways. These national highways are NH 17 and NH 47. This is where a bypass is located that begins from Edapally and goes all the way to Panvel. These places are located in the state of Maharashtra. Nedumbassery International Airport is the closest airport to reach this place. The church is situated about 22 kms away from the airport. A well established network of railways also help visitors to reach here.


This church enjoys a rich past that goes way back to 14 centuries. During those days, the salty water of the Arabian Sea used to reach up to the Edappally shores. It used to be a small hamlet those days. It was a part of Elangalloor, a princely state. The inhabitants of this place were used to living a simple life, and there were not many comforts that they could afford. Ecen the Christian congregation was very small in this hamlet. The majority of Christianity followers were the descendants of all those who had converted into Christianity. They were converted by St Thomas who had come here for Gospel preaching. In the year 1665, Roman Catholic Church was joined by them under the guidance of Fr. Sebastiani.

Since, there was not enough space in the old church, and not enough people could be accommodated here, a new church was decided to be built in 1080 AD. Later on many renovations were also carried out in this church. Virgin Mary’s picture was also incorporated in the church and angers, vines and sculptures were also places around the same.

In a spree to modernize the church, it was renovated again after a few decades and the ancient feel and look of the church was lost.


In Edappally, situated at a distance of about 10 kms from Kochi, the popular St. George Syro-Malabar Forane Church is to be found. From any part of the country, this place is accessible. The destination passes two national highways NH 17 and NH 47 as this is the bypass junction. This bypass begins from Edapally and continues till Panvel in the state of Maharashtra. The closest airport to reach this destination is Nedumbassery International Airport which is situated just about 22 kms away from this destination. This place is also well connected by rail network as there is a railway station at Edappally. This city is growing at a fast pace and becoming a sub urban part in the city of Cochin.

The Shrine on NH 47

In front of the church in a small shrine, a St George’s statue has been placed for the purpose of prayers and worship close to the NH 47. One can watch motorists pass by on the national highway. One can watch kings as well as commoners passing through the same highway. All of them come here for a single purpose that is to pray and seek blessings from the God Almighty. They bow their hands with great reverence and ask for protection from any mishaps. For the whole day, hundreds of vehicles come here for blessings. On St George’s Feast Day, a wonderful ceremony is organized in the church where a large number of vehicles gather and get blessed from the church. 

Attractions inside the Church

The Well

Situated close to the church, there is a well and people coming here believe that the water of the well has some miraculous powers that heal ill and seek people. The devotees coming here drink this water and also pour some water on their heads and face so as to seek blessings. This water is also taken to their homes in bottles. The soil from the land of the church is collected and taken as a blessing. This soil is believed to bless people and keep them protected them from snake bites.


Marian Sodality

This event was initiated by an erstwhile vicar, Reverend Fr Joseph Payyappilly in the year 1927.

Cherupushpa Mission League

In the year 1972, this mission started and their objective was to bring about awareness about Christianity and the values of this religion among youngsters.

Mother Teresa’s Visit

The church celebrated its 14th centenary events with great enthusiasm and joy. The celebrations took place on 18th day of January, 1994. Mother Teresa was the chief Guest for this celebration.

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