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Malayatoor Church

The famous Malayatoor Church is located on the Kurisumundy Mountain at Maiayattoor. It is located at an altitude of 1269 ft. This destination came to popularity because of the visit of St. Thomas. He was one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Jesus ordered his Apostle to visit the whole world and bring about awareness about the Good News. Saint Thomas took upon this responsibility and he set out for his journey to India. He reached Kodungalloor in the year AD 52. He travelled a lot through the length and breadth of the country talking about the proclamation about Good News. He stayed for about 20 years in the country. Seven believer communities were founded by him. These communities were- Chayal, Kodungalailoor, Kollam, Palayoor, Niranam, Kokkamangalam and Kottakavu.


The church enjoys a rich past. In AD 52, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, Saint Thomas came to Kerala. He reached Kodungallur along with some traders coming here from Palestine. Kodangallur was a famous port in the Ancient India. As per the historians, there were many Jewish families residing around this area. This place was also known to be a prominent center for business. The Good News offered by the Master was preached by the Saint.

At the time when Saint Thomas visited India, the traditions of this place were quite strong. The church is located at Malayattoor where a hill, river and land congregate together. Located close to the banks of River Periyar, Malayattoor is a quaint village blessed with nature’s bounty.

When Saint Thomas made another journey to this destination in the year 62 AD, he preached gospels to the inhabitants of Malayattoor. People were unable to accept the Saint at that time as the language spoken by him, dress worn by him and his way of living was quite different from them. Saint’s life was not safe in this village hence he went for prayers to Kurisumudy Hill. When he was praying, he started drawing cross on the rock. Virgin Mary is said to have appeared before him who gave her blessings to the Saint and told him that he will be successful in his mission. Evangelizing Malayattoor inhabitants, he came down from the hill.

After Easter, on the first Sunday, the devotees of Saint Thomas organise feast of St Thomas. This feast is celebrated in order to remember the saint. They climb Kurisumudy Hill and kneel before the cross and pray earnestly. Close to the cross, they also saw the footprints of Saint Thomas. Till 600 AD, this place stayed in shadows. The place was rediscovered by some tribals roaming in the area. They saw something glittering on the rock. When unearthed, they found blood from this place. They told about this incident to the natives of Malayattoor. The Christians living in this destination came here and saw the cross. They lit a lamp in front of the cross. Slowly and gradually the popularity of this destination grew and people started coming here in large numbers. The present church was then built in the year 900 AD. Since then, the church has been renovated many times. The foundation of the current church was blessed by Pope John Paul II in the year 1986 when he visited India. The church was built and ready in the year 2012.


Malayattoor is a quaint village located in the Ernakulam District in Kerala. Devotees can reach here by air. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport located about 15 kms from the Church. Angamaly Railway Station is the closest railway station. Many local buses ply their services to this place. Taxi cabs can also be hired to reach this place.

Attractions Inside the Church

The Church has been built using Greco-Roman Architectural style. The altar inside the church has been designed in a distinctive Greek style. The elevation of the church is designed in Roman Style. Magnificent paintings and sculptures adds to the character of this Church. Famous Five Mysteries of Jesus Christ’s joyful life is also on display.

For the purpose of baptism, there is an ancient pond within the premises of the Church.


A wide array of events and activities are organised in the church. One of them is Dukhrana Thirunal which is celebrated on 3rd July. After Easter, the first Sunday is celebrated as Puthunjayar. On 12th February, Darshana Thirunal is celebrated. In the Easter’s preceding month, Bible Convention is organised from Thursday to Sunday.

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