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Jahanpanah City Forest

One of the top tourist spots in Delhi, Jahanpanah City Forest attracts tourists for its history and magnanimous appeal. This is also a paradise for those people who like to stay fit. Popular with the locals as well, people come here to engage in different kinds of activities such as jogging, walks or to engage with laughter clubs. Greenery of the forest makes it appealing to people of the city.

There are many gates to the Jahanpanah City Forest, which makes it easy to visit the garden from different areas. This is important because the forest is really large. In fact, one needs to be cautious as the forest is so large one can get lost. Total area of the Jahanpanah City Forest is about 800 acres and it comprises trees of all types and different species.

If you are looking to run or to walk in green environment, then nothing can be better than the Jahanpanah City Forest. This place is suitable for loners, nature lovers and experience seekers. Nature trails make up a good part of the forest, which makes it easy to move around. Walkways in the forest are paved, which makes it especially appealing.

Bird lovers can spot different avian species that bring the place alive. Visiting the place during the rains can be lucky as one can witness a peacock rain dance. This place is home to many peacocks and other birds.

For those who enjoy meditating, Jahanpanah City Forest is a popular place because of the tranquility it offers. If you are looking for inspiration for your poetry, then get to this place too. This is one of the finest walkaways in the country and that is why so many people come to this place every day.

There are many benches all over the park for people to sit and relax. This is also a wonderful place to go cycling.

Jahanpanah City Forest is surrounded by many crowed areas that include Chirag Delhi, Alakhnanda, Lado Sarai and Saket. The main gate to the Jahanpanah City Forest is opposite to Don Bosco School. There are parking places all round the forest for the convenience of visitors.

History of Jahanpanah City Forest

Years back, when the son of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, Mohammed bin Tughlaq constructed the mighty city Tughlaqbad, he decided to build another milestone city and he named it as Jahanpanah in 1326. Delhi has always been the center of attraction due to the Mughal monuments and structures and this forest is one of those. The city is surrounded by siri and there are 13 gates that allow people to enter and exit the city. During that period different monuments and mosques were built-in this city which became visitor’s top attractions later on. With almost all the city becoming modern roads and facilities, the monuments are now tourist destinations and the forest has been taken care by the government of India. Since this forest still exists, now it’s a jogger’s paradise. There is 6.7km running trail in the middle of the city.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Jahanpanah City Forest is early hours. Go for a refreshing run or a walk in the wee hours after the sunrise.

How to Reach

The Govindpuri Metro Station is closest to Jahanpanah City Forest. From the metro station, one can either take a rickshaw or a cab. For those people who like to keep it fit, they can easily get to Jahanpanah City Forest walking or running.

Jahanpanah City Forest is located between the outer ring road and the Qutub Complex. Popular tourist destinations of Delhi close to the Jahanpanah City Forest are India Gate, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb.

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