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Winter Season

Winter Season knocks at Kerala when the northeast monsoons end. This usually happens during November last week and continues till February mid. Low temperature is experienced at this time but there are not many variations in this season. In Kerala Highlands, the climate is cooler in comparison to other regions. At times, during this season, temperature drops below 10 degree centigrade. During winter season in this state, the region experiences very low rainfall.

Temperature in Kerala during Winter Season: Maximum : 28°C
Minimum : 18°C
Average Rainfall during winter season : 25 mm

Summer Season

Summer season in Kerala begins as the month of February comes to an end. Slowly and gradually temperature rises and this heralds the beginning of summer season. During this season, this destination experiences low rainfall, comparatively high temperatures and a degree of humidity that are main features of this season. If compared to other seasons where rest of the North India experiences 40 degree above temperature, Kerala experiences a relatively pleasant climate. The reason behind this cool climate during summer season is the presence of mighty Western Ghats. This mountain range blocks dry winds from the north hitting the state. Cool breeze coming from the Arabian Sea also lowers the temperature of this place. Moderate temperature is experienced by many of the regions in this state. At times, erratic rains hit the state along with lightening. Summer season commences from May end and continues till June beginning. It ends with the beginning of monsoon season.

Average Temperature in Kerala during Summer Season: Maximum : 36°C
Minimum : 32°C
Average Rainfall in Kerala during the summer season : 135 mm

South West Monsoon

In Kerala, the rainy season is also referred to as Southwest monsoon. Edavappathi is the name given to this season. The rainy season begins by mid- Edavam that is the name of a Malayalam month. The rainy season begins in May end or June beginning. The season commences with the winds blowing during Southwest monsoon. During this time, the state experiences torrential rains. Kerala is positioned on the Western Ghats’ windward side. Thus, Kerala is the first state that gets hit by monsoon wind. The region experience rainfall in abundance. Most of the rainfall experienced by this state, about 85 percent is experienced during monsoon. Highest rain occurs on the Western Ghats slopes. Monsoon rains fed the rivers flowing in the state. This season continues in Kerala till the end of September.

Average Temperature in Kerala during monsoon season : Maximum : 30°C
Minimum : 19°C
Average Rainfall in Kerala during monsoon season : 2250 - 2500 mm

North East Monsoon

North East Monsoon is also referred to as reverse monsoon or retreating monsoon. This season hit this state as soon as the winds from southwest monsoon returns. Thulavarsham is the name given to the rains that occurs during Thulam, a Malayalam month. This rain occurs during October and November months and continues till December. Lightning and thunder accompanies heavy rains during afternoons that are the main highlight of this season. Warm days with a little bit humidity is the main characteristic of this season with little or no variation.

Average Temperature during North East Monsoon: Maximum : 35°C
Minimum : 29°C
Average Rainfall in Kerala during the North East Monsoon season : 450 - 500 mm

For past years, Earth’s climate is changing. The impact of this weather change globally has its impact on this state. On the basis of data available for past five decades, following information is available.

Average Rainfall Every Month in Kerala

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 14.6 16.6 36.1 110.9 252.6 653.2 687.2 404.7 252.3 270.7 158.6 45.9

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