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Thyagaraj Sports Complex

Thyagaraj Sports Complex takes pride of place among the many different stadia that were specially developed for the Common Wealth Games hosted by Delhi in 2010. It is located in INA Colony of South Delhi and is the first eco friendly sports complex in Delhi.

Owned by the Govt of Delhi and NCR, and maintained by the skilled, able and qualified engineers of the Public Works Department, the complex has taken its name from the renowned exponent of Carnatic Classical Music; Kakarla Tyagabrahmam or Thyagaraj. Thyagaraj Sports Complex was constructed  especially for Netball matches during the Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010  It was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Delhi & NCT, Smt. Sheila Dikshit on 2nd April 2010.

The sports complex is well known for its architectural grandeur and for the innovative green techniques used in its creation and its functioning.  The complex was designed by the combined efforts of renowned architects M/s PTM from Australia and M/s Kapoor & Associates, Delhi.  The cost of constructing this complex was close to Rs. 300 crores. In the Common wealth Games 2010, Thyagaraj Sports Complex hosted the Netball events. Apart from providing A Class facilities for various sports it also houses the Education Department of the Government  of Delhi & NCT.


Thyagaraj Sports Complex is centrally located on Sh. Ganganath Marg in INA Colony of South Delhi.  It is very easy to reach there by Metro, local bus services, taxi or auto rikshaw.


The sports complex was designed by two prominent Architectural Firms; M/s PTM from Australia and M/s Kapoor Associates, Delhi who also oversaw its construction. It is built over an area of 16.5 acres and the main stadium has the capacity of 5883 seats. 

Eco – Friendly Features

Thyagaraj Sports Complex is the first sports complex in India that has been built using modern green technologies. Its structure is built using fly ash bricks which last longer, are cheaper and cause much less pollution in the manufacturing process. The structure is made of R.C.C. or Reinforced Cement Concrete and has a steel roof. The floor is made of natural granite, recycled PVC, epoxy and natural Kota stone. The central arena of the main stadium has floors of maple wood. The design of this complex is highly energy efficient and has set a benchmark for future projects of this kind. For example the lighting for the entire complex is provided by solar panels. The extra electricity that is created by these solar panels is fed into the grid through integrated photovoltaic cells. There is also an electricity generating unit (2.5 MW Dual Fuel Gas Turbine) to generate electricity for the stadium in case of emergency.

The water management system is also eco friendly with features such as rainwater harvesting and a sewage treatment plant with ample capacity. All toilets and washing areas have dual flush systems and sensor-based faucets to reduce water wastage. The beautiful gardens and open spaces have been landscaped using native and local species of plants and with emphasis on reducing toxicity of the soil.

Due to all these green features the Indian Green Building Council has awarded the Thyagaraj Sports Complex Gold Rating.


The Thyagaraj Sports Complex hosted the netball event of the Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010. The netball contests were held between 4th and 14th October 2010. At present, the education department of the Govt. of Delhi & NCT is located in the complex. Other events such as the 4th Comic Con India, an annual event, was held here in February 2014. The Pro Kabbadi League was also hosted here in 2014. For Dabangg Delhi, the team from Delhi in the Kabbadi League, Thyagaraj stadium was the home ground.

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