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Delhi University Sports Complex

The Delhi University Sports Complex is an indoor and outdoor sports arena spread across 10,000 square metres towards the Northern campus of Delhi University. The complex includes coaching area for women’s wrestling, netball, athletics and boxing. Commonwealth Games of 2010 were conducted here, especially the Rugby Sevens tournament. The sports complex is open for sports personalities to practise on a daily basis, and is also open for trials and tournaments.


The address of Delhi University Sports Complex is: University Sports Complex, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007. The complex can be reached by using metro services via the underground Vishwavidyalaya Station. The north campus of the sports complex is near to the Ring Road, and also frequent DTC buses ply from the north campus.


The Delhi University Sports Complex was opened for public in July 2010, but its construction started in the year 2008. It is said that cost of construction of the sports complex is approximately Rs.245 crore. The sports complex has a permanent seating capacity of 2,500 and temporary seating of 7,500 people.

Eco – Friendly Features

The sports complex has various nature friendly initiatives which run parallel. They are rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant, usage of dry transformers, usage of glazed glass for increased day light, advanced irrigation system for pitch, facility of saving water, usage of recycled water for horticulture and dual flushing. The other features are usage of ozone system fixed at netball training venue and main sports area, this result in maintaining bacteria free air. Landscaping and plantation of trees is done to reduce and absorb pollution in the campus. Also the entire stadium has various other features like low energy consuming air conditioning, auto sprinkling technology, under-ground draining technique, ozone system for maintaining the fresh air and natural grass. The maintenance cost of the sports complex is very high; hence the usage is somewhat restricted to its members only. Usage of the ground to common people is restricted as it may damage the facilities.


The Delhi University Sports complex is very well built, using modern amenities and gives opportunities for new players. It is often used by morning joggers but an ideal field for playing football and cricket. The stadium has appropriate seating facility with flood lights. The purpose of the Delhi Sports Complex is to promote, co-ordinate, execute and manage different sports and activities and related training to develop interest in sports and games. The University aspires to create interest in the field of sports by improving its standards and providing professional learning and creating opportunities at national and international level. The sports council has 5-6 coaches in the every sports field appointed by Sports Authority of India. The council conducts tournaments during the academic year between its associated institutions and colleges.

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