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Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya

The Museum That Captures Freedom Struggle in Detail

Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya also known as the Museum of Indian Independence Movement provides a deep insight into the history of India’s struggle for independence. It captures the most crucial moments of the Independence history through pictures, paintings, lithographs, documents, and a host of other objects of historical relevance.


Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya is located in the Red Fort precincts on within the Army Barracks near Naubat Khana to the left of Chatta Chowk. The museum is housed in a two-storey building and is a highly popular destination for tourists who want to know more about Indian history, especially of the colonial era and the period of Indian independence struggle. The museum was set up in 1995 and has neatly placed phrases and episodes from the freedom movement which makes understanding the history of those times easy for visitors. The museum is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Highlights of the Museum

The key highlights of the Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya include the various paintings, documents, diagrams, photographs, and maps from the past dating back to several centuries. Also on display are idols of leaders involved in the freedom struggle, letters written by key personalities, relics of historical importance. The collection of objects in the museum stretches back to as far as the revolution of 1857.

Visitors to the Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya will find interesting insights to several episodes of the independence movement. The museum depicts moments from the uprising of 1987, acclaimed as the first war against the British rulers, the emergence of the Indian National Congress, the various phases of the freedom struggle, the Gandhian Era, key events leading to the Civil Disobedience Movement, the Quit India declaration, and the emergence of the Indian National Army and its role in the freedom struggle.

What To Look For

Visitors to the Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya will be treated to a slice of independence struggle history through various objects such as guns and swords used during those eventful decades, medals, sculptures and badges that dates back to the 1850s. The museum accounts for every major and minor event leading to Independent India, right from 1857. It vividly brings out the pain, struggle, frustrations and successes of the movement during various times.

Information for Visitors

The museum is open to visitors from 1000 Hrs to 1700 Hrs on all days except Fridays. Entry fees are priced at INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children.

How To Reach

Visitors intending to visit the museum can hire a private cab or take a local bus from anywhere in Delhi. New Delhi Railway station is the nearest rail resource. The nearest airport is the New Delhi International Airport.


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