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National Science Centre

Designed in 8 floors, this National Science Center houses science exhibition along with varied displays on history of architecture. The captivating and informative displays of this science museum make everyone fall in love with the complex subject called science. It is established with the aim of raising a scientific awareness among people thereby to evoke an interest in it. This building of national Science Center equips with seven galleries and has been contributing in a large way in shaping the minds of the younger generation. Being a fascinating place, this museum explains the logic behind each creation in an interesting way. In addition, the plethora of scientific objects, the 3D films, the giant kaleidoscope to see multiple reflections of you and the Indian plus continental food available at the hygienic cafeteria are sure to uplift your mood and make the day.

Features of National Science Center

The National Science Center is a part of National Council of Science Museum (NCSM)-an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. This center of excellence makes an effort to popularize science among the students in particular and people in general. It has been inaugurated on 9thjanuary 1992 by the past Prime Minister Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao.

This science center was designed by prominent Indian architect Achyut Kanvinde. The building comprises of an auditorium that is fully air conditioned and offers a sitting capacity of 320 people. This auditorium can be used for various functions on minimum payment of service charge by associations.

There is a conference hall inside the science center that has three sections with temporary partitions to constitute three conferences simultaneously. It can also be hired by giving minimum payment by any organization.

On Exhibit

  • The science center houses large energy balls at the entrance to welcome the visitors.
  • Nearby the nylon balls, there is attention grabbing magic tap that streams forth water without any inlet.
  • The third floor is designed as Science and technology heritage that depicts the evolution of science and technology along with art and literature.
  • The prime attraction of the Museum is Human Biology section that shows human body in all aspects, such as anatomical, biochemical, functional, systemic, physiological, and structural.
  • There is another arcade that contains prehistoric life with animated robotic models of dinosaurs and others. It gives the information of origin of species, evolution of atmosphere, etc. The exhibition answers many vital questions like who are our ancestors, how did life start, and many others.
  • The national science center also has a fun science section that introduces fundamentals of science to the young learners by the method of KISMIF, which means keep it simple-make it fun. This fun section houses a 50 seater state-of-the-art 3D movie hall that entertains the young minds to the core.
  • The first floor of the gallery showcases the evolution of communication technology from cave painting to internet era. The visitors get the opportunity to view the vivid revolutionary nuts and bolts that happened in information technology.
  • Another important thing to watch in the science center is the range of advanced technologies that promises advancement in our life in the near future.
  • This National Science center allows you to watch the revolutionary changes taking place in nine representative technologies, like space technology, medical and communication technology, biotechnology, information and, oceanography and agricultural technology, material science, earth sciences, energy and transportation technology, and nanotechnology.
  • As soon as the visitors enter the water gallery of the science center they are introduced to the world of science by the mentors of center.
  • As they step in the science center, they get to watch a virtual pond of water. As they step on it water creates ripples which excite the visitors. This section echoes and introduces the significance of water as elixir of life.
  • Another popular exhibit at the museum was display of Nobel Prize winners and contribution of India in the field of science and mathematics.
  • Alongside, there is a library, a pump-up planetarium, and a souvenir shop present in the premises that attract crowds.

A visit to the national science center is a fun filled affair with all the magnificent exhibitions, planetarium, and galleries.

Information for Visitors

  • Timings:  10.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Ticket Cost: Ticket available at the cost of Rs.40/- per head, for students 20/-, for group with more than 25 persons Rs 30/-
  • Location: Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Road, New Delhi
  • Attractions: A children’s paradisewithcollection of exhibits like, Dinosaur gallery, fun science library, heritage gallery human biology gallery, hands-on displays explaining the laws of physics

How to Reach

By Road

National Science Center is efficiently connected with improved road and local transports, such as auto, taxi or cab. You can easily reach the venue only by hiring one of these services.

By Air

Delhi being the capital city of India is connected well through airways. You can board a flight from any national and international cities that fly on regular basis.

By Train

Delhi offers a good railway network with three railway stations. The stations are namely, New Delhi Railway Station, Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, and Old Delhi Railway Station. So, with these broad rail networks reaching Delhi is not a big affair. There are trains to all parts of India from Delhi be it small or large town.

By Bus

You can also reach Delhi by bus as it is connected with improved bus network with some major cities in India. Alongside, the DTC bus service is also there through which you can reach the National Science center easily.

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