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Tree Houses In Kerala

One of the main symbols of Kerala Tourism is tree houses and these are mainly wooden homes. They are very much popular among the inhabitants and they are made from the eco-friendly items like bamboo poles, live trees, hay-straws, coir mats and others. These tree houses are situated on the top of the trees. Inhabitants will also get to see the ultra-modern tree homes in various resorts and they are known by the name of “Erumadam”. In fact, these are effectively used by the hunters and tribals for the purpose of saving themselves from wild animal’s attacks. If you are planning to visit Kerala for the very first time, then you can check out the tree houses at following places- Munnar, Thekkady and Vythiri. According to the present market records, these tree houses are being regarded as the Kerala Tourism Symbol similar to that of Kerala Houseboats. The best part of these tree houses is that reflect the true homes and not the ones that are built from log cabins and constructed on stilts. The main raw materials that are used in these tree houses are bamboo and boards and developers do not insert any nails in trees. All these are tied and it remains intact in one position. Patrons can go through the picture of these tree houses and they will get an idea about the real tree houses. One of the most popular tree houses is that of Thekkady and that is situated in center of cardamom plantation.


All the raw materials that are used for the construction of this tree house are eco-friendly. Most of the local inhabitants and craftsmen are involved with the construction of these tree house and they are using all indigenous techniques along with the local materials. The best part is that local hunters and inhabitants use their skills and proficiency for the purpose of developing these houses. The best part of staying in these homes is that you will be getting access to all the modern amenities and some of them include- shower, attached bathrooms, wash basin, telephones, sit-out, carpeted veranda and many more facilities too. Inhabitants will also get sole amalgamation of the solar power as well as bio gas and that is made through the cow dung. You will also get to check the awe-inspiring beauty of this place through tree houses as they are high up to 110 feet and check out the fauna and flora all around it.

Various Tree Houses

In fact, most of all these tree houses are situated in the thick jungle. You can travel in local Jeeps and reach the tree houses through twisting roads. These tree houses have been constructed into the areas which are completely secluded through the visible populace and you will get to see the staff members for the warm welcome of guests. Patrons are recommended that they should be making their own arrangements for the breakfast as well as dinner and food is mainly vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. You will be required to make use of the elevator and then only you can get into these tree houses. Patrons are requested that they should check out the tree houses that are situated in Munnar and they are regarded as world-class resorts surrounded through electric fences for the purpose of protecting guests through wild animals. You will be required to go from Tea Verdant gardens and then you will be taken towards the resort.


Tourists in Kerala can enjoy doing some of the best entertaining activities and these are inclusive of rock climbing, soft trekking, bird watching and many more. All guests are recommended that they should check out the Munnar Shola grassland and it houses the different varieties of birds. Some of the birds that you will be able to spot at this place are- Nilgiri Pipit, crimson sunbird, Wood Nilgiri Pigeon,  black and orange fly catcher,  grey laughing hrush, broad grass bird, white creepier, blue flycatcher and laughing Wyanad thrush. If you are planning for a holiday, then undoubtedly this is one of the best places on earth and it is also regarded as one of the most beautiful places too, so check out all of them.

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