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Rejuvenation Therapy

There are many people who will be looking for ways through which they can strengthen their body tissues along with skin toning. In order to achieve all this, all you need to do is adopt the Rejuvenation Therapy. This is one of the effective programs through which you will be able to enhance your mental clarity and it will also help in increasing the body resistance. It is inclusive of face and head massage and it is coupled with the medicated creams and oils. You will get the body massage along with herbal powder and oil along with the rejuvenating medicines and this also includes the herbal baths. Rasayana is regarded as one of the special treatments and that will comprise different techniques for rejuvenation. It has been derived from the Ayana and Rasa. It literally means that it is having the essence through something. If you have taken anything inside your body in form of medicine or food, then it will be getting re-synthesized as Rasu Dhatu. Basically, this is one of the plasma tissues. Ayana is one of the techniques through which Rasa will be carried to different body-parts and then biochemical metamorphosis will be performed. The Rasayana concept is based on 2 principles and that are energy conservation and transmutation. It is one of the therapies and it will be striving to do the enhancement of mental, moral and physical qualities. It will also help in preventing ageing and restoring youth and improves the voice as well as complexion. Additionally, it will also help in the enhancement of immunity and physical strength. You will be having the best memory as well as intelligence and this will be giving a lot of happiness to yourself.

Other Treatments of Rejuvenation Therapy are:

Body immunisation and longevity treatment (Kayakalpa Chikitsa)

This is regarded as one of the main treatments for retardation of ageing process and arrest of degenerating body cells. This is inclusive of Rasayana intake and these are mainly special diet and medicines. You will also have to undergo some of the comprehensive programs that are designed for body. This is one of the most effective treatments and it is essential to undergo this procedure before you attain the fifty.

Body Sudation (Sweda Karma)

In some of the extreme cases, you can also opt for the Steam bath and it will help in the eradication of all major impurities that are present in your body. Additionally, it will also help in increasing the skin complexion as well as tone. You will be able to reduce your fat and this is recommended for major rheumatic diseases and especially, if you are in pain. In this treatment, herbal leaves and herbs will be boiled and then steam will get passed through your body for ten to twenty minutes. Hand massage will be given along with herbal powder or herbal oils and it will also help in improvement of blood circulation and it will help in muscle toning.

Body Slimming

In order to make your body look slimmer and toned, you need to apply medicated herbal oil and powder massages. You will be required to take the ayurvedic diet and that will comprise of mainly herbal juices. These are essentials of the program.

Beauty Care

In order to take proper care of your face, you will be required to apply herbal pack, oil massaging and also do intake of the herbal tea. This will also help in improvement of complexion and it will beautify your body.

Mental and physical well being (Meditation and Yoga)

There are many people who are searching for programs through which they can completely eradicate the ego from their mind and body. In order to do this, you will be required to perform the physical and mental exercises. This is one of the best methodologies through which you will be able to enhance your concentration power and it will also help in the improvement of health. This is also one of the best ways through which you will be able to attain the peace of mind and it is coupled with 8 training stages.

  1. You need to follow the disciplined behavior

  2. It is essential to do the self purification

  3. Bodily postures like as Lotus position

  4. Breathing controlling

  5. Senses controlling

  6. Fixing the mind on any selected object

  7. Meditation

  8. Samadhi- This is a state where you will be getting to experience the well being and tranquility.

Overall Fitness (Panchakarma Treatment)

There are very few people who will be aware of the fact that this is 5-fold method through which you will be able to attain the physical and mental well-being. It will help in the perfect tuning of your body, breath, organs, nerves, mind and it will also purify the blood.

Types of Rejuvenation Therapy


This is one of the techniques where you will have to stay in a cottage and that is named as Kuti. It will be monitored by many ayurvedic medicines. You will have to remain in this special cottage for the entire day and individual will not be having any contact with outside world. Moreover, very little amount of light will be allowed to enter in this room and you will be required to follow the diet that will be prescribed by your ayurvedic practitioner. If you are undergoing this treatment, then you will be required to go through the panchakarrna treatments. This is one of the treatments that will be lasting for a period of 1 week or more than that.


This is one of the techniques that are having very few restrictions and it is regarded as milder technique. You will be given certain medicines and that has to be taken in empty stomach only. It is essential to consult with your Ayurveda practitioner and they will be prescribing you with the medicines. Additionally, you will not be required to stay in any cottage. It is recommended that you should adopt for this method only when you cannot opt for the Kutipraveshika method because of its long period.

Benefits of Rasayana

  • It will help in enlargement of body tissues

  • It will help in increasing digestive power

  • It will help in enhancement of metabolic process.

  • It will also help in removal of waste products from the body.

Top Rejuvenation Therapy Centers in Kerala

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Its Ayurvedic treatment is similar to getting back in nature. This resort has been constructed in a lush land of 50 acres and it is situated in the Kerala district. You will also get to see the stream and experience one of the most serious ayurvedic treatments here. You will be served vegetarian food here and participate in yoga sessions and meditation.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort

This is the 1st Ayurvedic resort and it is also regarded as premier hotel of Kovalam. It is offering meditation programs, yoga and Ayurveda for body restoration. You will also get to enjoy here cultural performances.

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort

This Ayurvedic resort has been spread over on 3 acres of land and it is under the control of ayurvedic doctors that belong to third generation. You will be getting here to enjoy some of the activities like evening performances and houseboat ride.

Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort

This is one of the most comfortable resorts and it is tremendously professional as well. The founder member of this centre is a highly renowned doctor and his family is having four hundred years experience in the Ayurvedic treatment. This resort has been situated at Chowara cliff and it is located close to the Kovallam beach. You will be required to take thirty minutes drive through Trivandrum airport. Tourists will be getting access to ample number of packages.

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