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The Daankara is exclusively performed by the men in the Punjabi community that constitutes people following both Sikh and Hindu religions. The dance is performed traditionally during the marriages in the communities and is one of the main entertaining events of the occasion. A Daankara performance is accompanied by music and singing of popular Punjabi folk songs. It is believed that this dance form is an offshoot of the famous ‘Bhangara’ tradition from Punjab that is now been established as a well developed performing art that as good articulated music and dance legacy and is popular around the globe.

The folk dances like the Daankara are particularly popular among the Punjabi Diaspora form the adjoining nations of India and Pakistan. These dances and their musical traditions are chiefly influenced by the legends and principles of the Sikh religion of India, thus giving them a sort of martial spirit.

Dance Form

The dance form of Daankara is particularly suited for male performers and women do not take any part in it. The primary prop of this dance is the ‘daan’ that is similar to a bow staff or a long stick that is sometimes used as a weapon after a spearhead is attached to one of its ends. The dance is close the stylistic nature of the Bhangara dances and involves vigorous and energetic moves along with the occasional leaping stunts. All the men that dance are much synchronized with each other and the prominent beats of the male musicians.

Musical Instruments

Many Punjabi indigenous instruments along with traditional North Indian drums, given below are the typical musical instruments that go along with a Daankara performance.

Dhol: This is a popular North Indian drum that is played while it is hung by the shoulders.

Duf: It is an open drum that looks like a large tambourine.

Ektari: This is a simple folk string instrument that is used to produce a single note as it has only one string and it is used rhythmically.

Chimpta: It is a modified pair of ‘tongs’ that is a unique Punjabi folk instrument.


The importance of the Daankara is due to its masculine expression of joy and is almost always included in the Punjabi marriage ceremonies. It is also a part of the cultural identity of the Punjabi Diaspora.


The Daankara is considered to be a part of the Bhangara tradition and has many similarities with other dances from the same tradition.

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