The museums are the practical time machines, which give us a peek into our possible pasts. Kerala is an ancient land, with its climate and geographical setting, humanity has thrived on these lands for eons, and the museums of Kerala depict coinciding artifacts of the ages gone. As the state was once a close-knit structure of kingdoms, most of the local museums of the sate belong to the royal families. Exhibits of these museums were a part of the colorful and proud history of the old kingdoms. Usually set up in the guesthouses or other buildings of a Palace, today regular public may take a tour of the regal grounds and experience their nostalgia and splendor. Some of the royal museums are private collections, which are not open to public, and require special permission from the owners for an audience.

The museums of Kerala are a diary of time, depicting gradual changes and developments taking place in the region - tell a most fascinating tale. The heritage and legacy of the land we now call Kerala, comes alive in the withered or preserved remains placed in the glass cases of these museums. Artifacts like the remains of flora and fauna, excavated archeological articles and historic remains as far as up to the 2nd century create a unique old-world charm. The steady evolution of culture and traditions of its people is clearly evident in the local and government museums. The state maintained museums are usually the responsibility of ASI or the Archeological Survey of India – the premier government agency for preservation and exploration of heritage of India.

The old kings of Kerala were known to be great connoisseurs of arts of all kinds, some even great artists themselves. As a direct effect of their generous patronage and love for art and culture many, exemplary masterpieces have been preserved. These exhibits not only give an idea of the advanced culture of past Kerala but also serve as windows to the way of life of the people living in that time. Pre-historic development of man is also a showcase in the museums of Kerala, with museums near some primeval sites.


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