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Arakkal Kettu

Arakkal Ali Rajas who were the erstwhile rulers of this area used to reside in a palace that is today known as Arakkal Kettu. This family is the only Muslim rulers in the state of Kerala. It is situated about 3 kms away from Kannur Town and this palace is standing erect in front of Ayikkara Moplah Bay. The dynasty draws its lineage from Kolathiri Rahas’ Nair Functionary. They then later converted their religion to Islam and took over name Mammali. There is a story behind this palace as per the legend goes, the palace was a part of dowry given to a girl by the king who married Mammali.

The dynasty ruled prominently over the years in Kannur and nearby areas. They also ruled Lakshadweep Islands and Malabar. A matriarchal system was followed in those times and there was no distinction due to gender. Ali Rajas was the name given to male rulers and female rulers were called Arakkal Beevis.

The palace is quite magnificent and has several independent units in the complex surrounding an open and large courtyard. There is a mosque in this complex besides another building that was earlier used as office from where administration was carried out.

Wood as well as laterite blocks are used in the construction of Arakkal Kettu. The most striking feature of this complex is intricate wood work on many buildings that are part of this palace complex. In the front of the building, there are long verandahs and a mix of colonial style along with traditional local architecture can also be seen.

There are two storeys in the palace building and there large halls on the upper floor that is made from wood. Colored glass is fixed on the windows that are double shattered. The rays of sun dance and break into beautiful colors coming through this glass pane.

One block in the building is considered as sacred and a lamp is always kept lighted here.

How to Reach

By Air

Karipur International Airport is the closest airport;

By Rail

Kannur Railway Station is the nearest rail head to reach this destination;

By Roads

Kannur bus stand is the nearest bus stand and reaching this museum is not difficult as the roads are good and the museum is well connected.

The Museum

The main part of the palace complex has today been converted into a museum. A wide spectrum of royal heirlooms and artefacts are on display here. The most famous ones are the seal of the family, the pathayam and a document box. Holy Koran’s royal copy is also kept here. Then there is a telephone from the erstwhile era. The pathayam is basically a box made from wood in which grains used to be stored in earlier times. The rulers used swords as well as daggers in that era. These are also on display in the museum. There is a telescope also that shows that rulers were interested in knowing more about the heavenly bodies.

There are also certain exhibits that are evidences of a relationship between Arakkal rulers with the colonial powers of Europe. At that time maritime trade was at its peak and spice trade was carried out. 

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Places to Stay Nearby Museum

KTDC Yatri Niwas, Kannur

KTDC Yatri Niwas is a budget accommodation located close to the museum. It is not only comfortable and offers all those facilities that are expected by an average visitor but is also easily accessible. The rates are quite reasonable. The hotel also provides all necessary comforts to their guests. The rooms are air conditioned with necessary amenities.

Costa Malabari, Kannur

A beautiful beach bungalow, Costa Malabari is located adjacent to a quiet beach in Kannur. In a collection of five bedrooms, the accommodation facilities are arranged. The necessary comforts and amenities are offered to the guests staying here. The informal atmosphere of the place offers a sense of calm and serenity to the tourists coming here in large numbers.

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