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Street Foods

Street Food – Delhi’s Heart

Street-side foods are part and parcel of Delhi’s lifestyle. You just cannot afford to miss the aroma from the street food joints of Delhi as you take a stroll by the city during the evening hours.  You will get all kinds of food here to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of different communities of people who have settled here.

Even road side stalls are familiar with Chinese and Continental cuisine and the best part of these is that you get to taste them at pocket-friendly prices. Most of the joints are so popular in their respective localities that people stand for hours together in queues to get their tummies filled.

India is probably one of the few countries to have such variety in street food. Delhi is undoubtedly the hub of street food as there are specific dishes available for every particular season of the year.

Let’s Start the Journey of Delhi Street Food

One of the first places where street food is the best is the ParanthewaliGali. This is the place where Parathas – Indian flat and flaky breads are cooked with generous dollops of ghee and available with a variety of fillings. Many celebrities like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Jayaprakash Narayan and Atal Bihari Vajpayee were frequent visitors to this street in the earlier days.

Cast iron pans are used for frying these parathas and delicious accompaniments of pickle (of any vegetable),  potato curry, mint chutney and tamarind- cum –banana chutney are provided along with all parathas – Aloo (potato), Gobi (cauliflower), Mutter (green peas) and the like. Some of the oldest paratha stalls from the 1875s that still serve people in this street are Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan, Pandit Devi Dayal’s, Kanhaiya Lal Durga Prasad’s Paratha shop. The parathas available here overtake burgers and buns from McDonald’s on any given day. Apart from the above common varieties of breads, the other unique parathas available here are those that are stuffed with lentils, carrot, raddish, pappad, fenugreek etc. The costly parathas are those that are stuffed with slightly costly ingredients like paneer, raisins, dry fruits, mint, lemon, chilly, bitter gourd, lady’s finger, tomato, banana, almonds, rabdi, cashew and the like. These stalls are always crowded, especially during evening hours and during weekends. The people who come here are quite diverse - youngsters, adults and the aged come here in equal numbers and indulge in these ghee-flavoured delicacies.

When in Delhi, one must also taste the various kinds of chat items. These are usually pieces of potato mixed with puffed rice, crisply fried bread, spices and salt. On this dish a tangy tamarind-cum ginger sauce is poured and the dish is finally decorated with a spoon of yoghurt and finely chopped coriander leaves.

Among the chat items, Kachori is yet another hot favourite for all. This is a dish where Kachoris are stuffed with potatoes and pulses and served along with tasty chutneys. The best place to have this is Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala, located in Chandni Chowk, No. 1104, Chhatta Madan Gopal Road, which is open from 10.30AM to 8PM. The must-have delicacy here is the Urad Dal Kachori, which is served along with potato curry.

Health Precautions

Though the food available at street side stalls is absolutely delicious, you must ensure that you take enough care before eating these, because the hygiene and cleanliness in these food stalls are not up to the mark.  If you are ready to take the risk, you will be treated to some absolutely awesome delicacies at affordable rates. Some places that you can visit while you are here are:

  • Shree BalajiChaatBhandar
  • BishanSwaroop
  • LalaBabuChaatBhandar
  • Prince's Paan&Chaat Corner
  • Jugal Kishore Ramji Lal

Famous Street Food Areas in Delhi

The street food stalls in Delhi are the best places to have sweets, savouries and chats. These stalls are centred on the Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk areas. These are crowded all through the day.

The areas in Delhi where you can eat very good street food are Chandni Chowk, Greater Kailash, Connaught Place, ParanthewaliGali, Rohini, Karol Bagh and other areas in and around South Delhi. These places are the best places to enjoy with your family and friends during weekends.

These places also sell some tasty savouries and chaat items like batatasevipuri, dhahibhalle, samosa chat, aloopapri chat, vadapav, cholekulche, alootikkis, paobhaji, momos, laddoos, aloo chat, egg rolls, galouti kebabs, chowmin and the like.

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