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The best place for having high quality food and snacks is the local market of Chandni Chowk in Delhi. This is the place that you need to visit if you want to taste mouth-watering savouries and tastes made of desi ghee. The chaat items are some of the greatest hits of this year. Every day, this place represents a fusion of aromas that emanate from the halwai or sweet sellers, savoury sellers, hot parathas from the ParanthewalaGali.

Each and every corner of Delhi has some food joint or the other which specialises in a unique dish.  A joint known as Giani Di Hatti, close to Fatehpuri Mosque, is the place that you need to go for tasting Rabdi Faluda. Here you can get to taste awesome ice cream flavours like litchi and bubble-gum, various milk shakes, sundaes and fruit shakes. Siya Ram Nannumal Kulfiwale, located at Ajmeri Gate is the place to have authentic Kulfi made from frozen milk in all kinds of flavours (badam, pista, mango, banana, pomegranate, kiwi, kesar, rose etc.). The shop is open from 7am to 4pm and you can enjoy your Kulfi time happily here by tasting each of the flavours.

If you are a Jalebi lover, you cannot afford to miss the Old and Famous Jalebiwala outlet close to the Dariba Kalan.  Here you can get hot jalebis that are made fresh in front of your eyes. This is a sweet made from batter, soaked in sugar syrup.

One authentic place where you can get sweets made from desi ghee is the 100 year old Ghantewala sweet stall located in the main area of Chandni Chowk. Some of the delicacies that you must try here are Pista Samosa, SohanHalwaPapdi and Badam Burfi.

Famous Sweet Shops in Delhi

Dulli Chand Naresh Gupta, Kulfi Wale

This shop located at Kucha Pati Ram located at Sitaram Bazaar is located in a very hideous place which is very difficult to find. As you go to this stall, you can observe the buildings with great architecture and style.  Even if you go by rickshaw, since this place is located on a narrow street, it might be a challenge to locate this place.

Original Giani

Today, the Giani brand of ice creams is available in various places in Delhi. However, the rabrifaluda available in this particular joint is a real treat to your tongue. The only hitch here is that, the shop uses crushed ice to make its faluda, so foreigners might want to think twice before having the same.

Old Famous Jalebiwala

This is the place that offers probably the best Jalebis in India. Hot, fresh and crispy Jalebis soaked in sugar syrup and fried deeply in desi ghee that are available here are sure to drive you crazy.

Some of the other reputed sweet stalls in Delhi are:

Other famous Sweet Shops in Delhi are listed below:

  • Kiran Sweets & Caterers
  • Nathu's Sweets
  • Sampat Food Product
  • Kadimi Sweet Shop
  • A One Sweet House
  • A1 Green Sweet Corner
  • Aahar
  • Abdul Sweets Shop
  • Adarsh Sweets & Caterers
  • Agarwal Backers & Sweets Palace
  • Anamika Sweets
  • Anand Sweet and Restaurant
  • Balaji Sweets
  • Punjabeezz
  • Sham Sweets
  • Zaika Punjab Da

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