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Chicken Cuisines In Delhi

There are quite a few chicken dishes which are savoured by the citizens of Delhi. They are butter chicken, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken and ShamiKababs. If you are interested to taste chicken dishes cooked in Mughlai style, you must visit the Jama Masjid area in Old Delhi. There is an eatery here by the name, Karim’s, where you can taste a whole lot of Mughlai dishes that are absolutely delicious. Many food joints are available on the streets of Old Delhi that sell authentic Mughlai dishes for centuries together now. If you visit these places, you must not miss the tasty kababs, mutton biryani and the mutton korma. The other area that you must visit, if you are a Paratha lover is the ParanthewaliGali at the famous Chandni Chowk market. You name the variety of Paratha that you want and you will get it here with delicious accompaniments of chutney, sauce and curd.

Mughlai cuisine, which is the favourite of many people, has its origins in the Mughal dynasty. During those days, this kind of cuisine was followed in kitchens of the Mughal dynasties that ruled over areas like Pakistan, Bangladesh, North India (Uttar Pradesh and Delhi) and Hyderabad. Persians cuisine, with its origin in Iran was one of the strongest influences of Mughlai cuisine available in Kashmir and Punjab.

The most important trademark of Mughlai cuisine is the flavour of spices and an exquisite aroma. The spice varies according to regions and a buffet of Mughlai dishes is usually a grand spread of all the authentic dishes.

Butter Chicken in Delhi

It was at the eatery, Moti Mahal in Darya Ganj that butter chicken originated during the 1950s. Tandoori chicken was the signature dish of this hotel in the earlier years. Once, as a coincidence, the chefs added butter and tomato to the remnants of the chicken broth, to which, pieces of Tandoori chicken were added. This signalled the birth of butter chicken – a thick dish flavoured with rich and thick cream and decorated by aromatic spices. The gravy of this dish, made from crushed tomatoes, is a slightly sweet dish that melts into your mouth quite easily.

Famous Mughlai and Chicken Restaurants in Delhi

  • Karim’s
  • Desi Vibes
  • MaalGaadi
  • Veda
  • Nazeer Foods
  • The Great Kabab Factory
  • Al Nawaz Restaurant
  • Zaffran
  • TundayKababi
  • Indus Flavour
  • Coriander Leaf

Famous Mughlai Dishes

  • Nehaari
  • Paaye
  • Haleem/Khichda
  • Mughaiparatha
  • Biryani Badshahi
  • QeemaMatar
  • Meat Durbari
  • Mughlai Chicken Pulao
  • Butter Chicken
  • MurgNoorjehani
  • Murg Musallam
  • KoftaShorba
  • Murg Tandoor
  • MurgChaap
  • Murg Masala
  • MalaiKofta
  • Botikabab
  • ShahjehaniMurg Masala
  • Pasanda
  • Rezala

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