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Zari Gota Kinari And Zardozi

Threadwork that Suits the Royalty

Embroidery on fabrics is a mainstay of Indian fashion houses till today. You can find regional styles of embroidery in all parts of India and they are all equally special. These can be differentiated in terms of the design on the fabric and the type of stitch on it. Dots, circles, triangle, square and a variety of stitches are combined to form different designs of embroidery.

Changes to Embroidery Over the Years

Embroidery designs have seen a lot of advancement over the times. One of the magnificent types of Indian embroidery is Zardosi or the Zari work that was introduced somewhere during the 16th century. It is known that the Mughal invaders introduced this type of embroidery work. Zar and Dozi are Persian words, meaning gold and embroidery. This is done using metallic threads.

Zardosi is another form of Zari and in this form, silver embroidery or gold embroidery is done and with this some precious stones and pearls will also be featured. In the past era, such embroidery work was meant only for the rich. However, these days Zardozi thread has a plastic core with a golden colour towards the outer part. The thread is now featured with the coiled metal wires and these are placed towards the right side of fabric, couched with the help of a thin thread.

Gota is a type of work that is done with the help of a gold thread and it is mainly used for formal attire for women. Small pieces of ribbon made of zari will be applied to the fabric and the edges would be sewn down so as to create great patterns. Lengths of golden ribbon are stitched towards the edge of fabric and this is mainly for the sake of creating a wonderful effect of the golden zari work. Muslim community makes use of the kinari, which is a fringed kind of border decoration. Gota primarily refers to the interwining of gold threads with different fabrics to create something unique. Kinari is a kind of work that is made on the borders.

Embroideries in Delhi

Zari, Gota, Kinari and Zardosi works in Delhi are turning out to extremely famous throughout India. Various bridal wears such as choli, dupatta and lehenga are decorated with these forms. Craftsmen in Delhi are working extremely hard to bring out originality in terms of such a work and the intricate designs are something to check out.

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